Project 365 – Days 39 to 45

Another quiet week due to the building work going on.
days 39 to 45

 Day 39 – Sunday 8th February

A quiet day at home with the family, and the garage conversion is coming along nicely.

Day 40 – Monday 9th February

Hubby got me the iPhone 6! My iPhone 5 had issues with sound and I have been complaining for ages about it and saying I wanted  a new phone.

Day 41 – Tuesday 10th February

In all honesty I forgot to take a picture but it was a quiet day anyway. I did however take one of Rosie when I was testing out the phone camera. Little poser.

Day 42 – Wednesday 11th February

Another quiet day. Can you believe I have never read To Kill a Mockingbird? It is book of the month in a facebook group so I had ordered it to read and join in with the discussion.

Day 43 – Thursday 12th February

Actually got to go out today! There was a literacy event at Bee’s nursery so we went there and then went to her Thursday toddler group. She loves those dinosaurs.

Day 44 – Friday 13th February

Let Bee loose in the conservatory today where all the toys are currently being stored…..and this is what happened! She doesn’t seem to actually play with them…rather just get them out of the boxes and create a mess.

Day 45 – Saturday 14th February

We don’t actually celebrate valentines so wasn’t expecting anything, but hubby popped to the shop, spotted these purple flowers and got them as he knows I love purple.

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  • Valentines is a hype by manufacturers to sell more chocolates and flowers, but those flowers arevery nice. A new phone as well, you are a lucky lady….lol.
    Minky does that with toys, not happy till they are all out and scattered.