Project 365 – Days 32 to 38

Days 32 to 38


Day 32 – 1st February 2015

Popped into town to get a few bits and bobs and Bee of course had to terrorise the pigeons. Then the rest of the day was a quiet Sunday at home.

Day 33 – 2nd February 2015

Been pretty much stuck at home this week due to the building work. But there was excitement in the evening when it started to snow and it looked like it was going to settle.

Day 34 – 3rd February 2015

Woke up to snow but sadly by the end of the day it had gone. Munchkin and Bee did play in it at school and nursery. Bee in particular was excited. It was the first time she was actually aware of snow and could play.

Day 35 – 4th February 2015

Getting back into trying to replace one meal a day with a smoothie….need to lose some weight before our hols….I keep saying that and it is less than 6 weeks to go!

Day 36 – 5th February 2015

Builders didn’t come today as they were letting the concrete floor dry, so I managed to take Bee to her toddler group. Bee made this photo frame. We haven’t been for a while due to laziness and colds and I have decided to give notice and we won’t be returning after this month. It seems a bit pointless to pay for a group when Bee is loving nursery and could go to nursery for free instead.

Day 37 – 6th February 2015

Went to visit a cattery. I don’t like putting her in a cattery but 4 weeks is a long time to ask someone to look after Rosie, I just think it will get a bit much for my parents to come twice a day to check on her. Popped round to my parents and noticed these pretty flowers, surprising they have flowered in the cold and snow.


Day 38 – 7th February 2015

Did have a different photo planned but as I switched on the laptop to write this post, Rosie decided she wanted attention and just had to share her pic.


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