We met the Honey Monster! #funmonsterfied

Honey Monster PuffsI remember eating Sugar Puffs as a child and I loved the Honey Monster. So when we got the chance to meet him on his current tour and find out about the change to the cereal, we had to say YES!

We arrived at the shopping centre and the Honey Monster was due out any minute. Bee was saying she will hug him and say hello but once the Honey Monster arrived she started walking backwards and shaking her head!! Munchkin decided that at 8 years old she was too cool to meet him and stayed on the sidelines! So hubby decided to save the day and hug the Honey Monster and have his picture taken with him!

We managed to get Bee close to the Honey Monster and she did eventually stroke his hand. I guess a big yellow thing can be quite frightening to a 2 year old if you aren’t used to it but as she left she happily waved goodbye to him and then went to sleep that night hugging her cuddly Honey Monster toy and saying she loved him!

Honey Monster funmonsterfied

The main change to the cereal is that it has had a change to the ingredients and has been renamed as ‘Honey Monster Puffs’.

Overall it is healthier than the previous recipe as it now has 20% more honey. Although the sugar level is still high, it is less than what it was before. What I do like is that they have changed the packaging to include clearer nutritional information at the front of the pack.

We were given some samples to try and from what I remember of Sugar puffs as a child, the taste is practically the same. The girls love them and it is a cereal I am happy for them to have every now and then as breakfast.

Honey Monster Puffs cereal

Sadly the Honey Monster tour is almost over but there is still a chance to meet him before his tour ends on 1st March. Pop over to the Honey Monster Facebook page to check if he will be visiting near you. You can also see his new TV advert:


Disclaimer: We were invited to meet the Honey Monster and the girls were provided with a goody bag as a thank you.

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