Project 365 – Days 46 – 59

Fallen slightly behind with blogging and Project 365, but hopefully things will get back to normal once I return from my holidays – hoping my blogging mojo returns!

Days 46 – 52Days 46 - 52


Day 46 – Sunday 15th February

Today was hubby’s 40th birthday. We don’t really celebrate birthdays in a big way but had been planning to go southall to eat so decided to go. First we stopped off to meet the Honey Monster on tour as he was in our city, then straight off to Southall to shop and eat. This chicken was delicious and then we stopped off at Creams for dessert.

Day 47 – Monday 16th February

Start of half term and a quiet day to be honest. Building work is ongoing so stuck at home. So today you have a pic of Rosie trying to grab the helium balloon’s string hanging down.

Day 48 – Tuesday 17th February 

The final part of the garage conversion is knocking into the main house. Today that work started and boy did it get dusty in the living room!

Day 49 – Wednesday 18th February

Yay, door finally complete! We are now connected to the extra room.

Day 50 – Thursday 19th February

Thankfully no builders today so managed to take the girls to group to let off some steam.

Day 51 – Friday 20th February

Builders back, and the room is virtually complete!

Day 52 – Saturday 21st February

A friend who I haven’t seen for just over a year popped round, and brought me some flowers and chocolates!


Days 53 – 59

Days 53 to 59

Day 53 – Sunday 22nd February

Pooped into the local shopping centre to get a few bits and bobs. Bee of course tried to vandalise this huge plant she spotted.

Day 54 – Monday 23rd February

Back to school and nursery routine. And today was all about putting my feet up and relaxing!

Day 55 – Tuesday 24th February

While waiting for Munchkin at her school reception, I noticed these drawings over the wall. I had seen them before but had thought a cheeky child and drawn them. All the walls were now covered so clearly it is some kind of school project. Look’s a bit messy now but guessing once painted etc it will look pretty good.

Day 56 – Wednesday 25th February

Spotted these snowdrops at my parents house and just had to take a pic. Spring is in the air.

Day 57 – Thursday 26th February

Our final day at this particular toddler group. After the Easter holidays have decided that Bee will be going nursery on a Thursday too. Seems pointless to pay £25 a month for this group, when I don’t even chat to the mums, when Bee can go to nursery, which she loves for free.

Day 58 – Friday 27th February

I baked a carrot cake…..but didn’t like the taste!

Day 59 – Saturday 28th February

Time to start decorating! I had wanted to leave the painting until we returned from our hols but had to get it done just incase my dad started while we were away…..and he shouldn’t be overdoing it!

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