Shoe fitting at Brantano

BrantanoOne of the things that I am always very careful with when it comes to the girls is shoes. I am always willing to pay more for a good pair of shoes that I know are comfortable and will fit them well. So I always look for a shop that has a shoe fitting service.

The girls are always fitted at one well known shop but when I was offered the chance to try the shoe fitting service at Brantano I was happy to give it a go.

As we went straight after school on a school day, the shop was very quiet and we were seen to immediately. The staff member was very friendly and put Munchkin. who can be quite shy, at ease.

Munchkin’s feet were measured and the staff member chatted to her throughout explaining that most people have one foot slightly smaller than the other.

Shoe fitting at Brantano
Although Brantano have a new machine to measure feet, this staff member was not trained in using it. However this method works just as well.


Shoe fitting 1



What I liked about this shoe fitting service is that Brantano give a little card which states what your shoe size is with a little reminder about the next date that the feet should ideally be measured. 


The staff member then went to the correct aisle with us and explained that not all the shoes have different width sizes and pointed out the ones that did. As Munchkin was after some boots for horse riding too, it was explained that she may need insoles with some of the boots as her feet are quite skinny.

I was actually quite surprised at the range of brands that Brantano do. I hadn’t realised that they can  also stock Start Rite shoes. It is ideal to have a range of brands all under one roof so you are not just limited to one brand as you don’t want to keep going to different shops.

Brantano Brands

As there is such a variety of brands, I felt like there was a reasonable variety of shoes to suit most budgets. Even the slightly less expensive shoes appeared to be of good quality.

However, as Munchkin usually wears Clarks shoes I was pleased to see that Brantano stocked a reasonable variety of them. This of course meant that Munchkin took longer to decide.

Brantano shoes

After (finally!) picking a few, it was time to try them on and see which ones were comfortable and the best fit. Again the staff member helped Munchkin try them on, and then felt  round the shoes to make sure they were fitting comfortably. After she was satisfied they fit, she watched Munchkin go for a quick walk.

Trying out shoes

Once the staff member was happy that they fitted correctly and that the boots did not need insoles she was happy for us to get them.

Our shoe fitting service was a pleasant experience. We had the staff members total attention and she dealt with us professionally and politely. I do understand though that if the shop had been busier, especially during the crazy back to school rush, then we may have had a longer wait. However, one thing I like about Brantano is that all the shoes are out in their sizes and in their pairs so during busy times you are not standing around waiting for a staff member to be free to get you the other shoe to try on, if you are not specifically there for the fitting service.

While at Brantano I also noticed that they do a decent range of Back to School products. Munchkin was quite impressed with the Frozen back packs and also some cute lunchboxes. So while out for school shoes you can also purchase some of the basic essentials to save you having to rush around to other shops! Brantano has even started selling some clothes.

Brantano Range

I was happy with the service we received and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brantano for the shoe fitting service they provide. Shoes are easy to find as each aisle is clearly marked with sizes and there is a wide range of shoes to suit most tastes.

Shoes from Brantano


Disclaimer: I was offered free pairs of shoes in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • That’s a REAL good service. It’s not always that easy to go and buy shoes for our little ones. But when peope are friendly and make the kids at ease, it’s a first step towards sucess!
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