Project 365 – Days 60 – 73

I don’t seem to be doing too well with Project 365 this year….I keep falling behind, so you have another 2 weeks and you will get bombarded on my return. I may just pick the best picture per week when I return to spare you all!


Days 60 to 66Days 60 - 66


Day 60 – Sunday 1st March

I started painting the room yesterday and today I started on the second coat.

Day 61 – Monday 2nd March

Finishing touches to the paint and Bee managed to somehow get some on her fingers and smear it over the TV stand and TV.

Day 62 – Tuesday 3rd March

The fish tank filter stopped working so got them a new tank.

Day 63 – Wednesday 4th March

For the first time in years myself and hubby went out to breakfast without either of the girls….felt really odd and hubby missed them so much he got them both a book each!

Day 64 – Thursday 5th March

Bee insisted she wanted to wear her sisters dress for World Book Day and then wanted me to take a picture.

Day 65 – Friday 6th March

On the school run and Bee doesn’t want to hold my hand but her friends!

Day 66 – Saturday 7th March

Horse riding this morning and then had friends over from London.


Days 67 – 73

days 66-73

Day 67 – Sunday 8th March

My friend yesterday had got me some chocolate…so today was about relaxing and enjoying it!

Day 68 – Monday 9th March

Hubby’s friends were due round to day so while I was cooking I watched the man up the tree chopping it down! All the big trees in the road behind us have been chopped and it all looks so different!

Day 69 – Tuesday 10th March

Bee picked up a cold….and Munchkin got some new shoes from Brantano.

Day 70 – Wednesday 11th March

I started getting a cold, didn’t take many pictures…except of this one of the helium dinosaur which just suddenly appeared in my bedroom doorway floating around.

Day 71 – Thursday 12th March

Had to take Rosie to the vet for flea treatment in preparation for the cattery. She has put on more weight so needs to go on a diet!

Day 72 – Friday 13th March

Couldn’t resist taking a pic of this flower at my parents house. So pretty!

Day 73 – Saturday 14th March

Girls had a quick trim at the hairdresser’s ready for our hols.


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  • I keep falling behind too – I’ve just posted three weeks’ worth! It’s sometimes just a case of remembering to write the post – like you, I take the photos but need to put them online!

  • the man trimming the tree looks tiny, the trees must be quite big.
    Laughed at the thought of a dinosaur just floating by the bedroom door.
    How lovely of hubby to get the girls a book each because he missed them.
    Daughter likes Brantano for the children as well.
    OH NO at the tv and stand, will it come off?