What’s up with the terrible twos?

This is a scheduled post.

Last in my series of guest posts is from one of my longest blogging friends who blogs at ‘Mahshi and Marshmallow‘,who is currently discovering the joys of toddlers turning 2!

Before becoming a mum, I thought that the Terrible Twos was a myth, something put into place to frighten parents. We don’t need this. 

Then I became a mum. And I learnt how to deal with cries and crisis. I looked at my little boy with delight, thinking “how can this lovely little man can be one day named terrible”.

And then I became the mum of a 2 year old child. And I realized the Terrible Twos was not a mere myth but a true reality. 

He started saying no months back. I never thought that one day he would nearly only say NO to every single thing. No for eating, no for dressing up, no for bath or no for stopping to play. My little angel became a living nightmare. Many times I would catch myself thinking “Thanks God I am working outside home”!

To be true it’s not that horrible. It just happened overnight and thought I heard a lot about it, read many mums articles and see many parents completely overwhelmed by this strange phenomenon, I was not ready for it. I thought I would be able to avoid it. 

The reality is I have my two feet into the mud these days, trying to talk and let go as much as I can, trying to breathe when things seem out of control. And it works much better than shouting and finishing the day exhausted on my couch, feeling like I am the worst mother on earth.

They say it’s good for kids. They say that kids need to test the limits, to know we are there for them whatever happens, that they have to challenge our beliefs in order to grow. 

Photo@ Muslim Mummy

Photo credit: Muslim Mummy

So remain patient and have a slice of chocolate cake! It’s the only advice I can give you right now.

And you any tips to share to deal with the Terrible Twos?

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  • Hi Marie, I think that’s why they make them so adorable at this age. They’re so cute we can’t stay mad at them for long. There’s no way to avoid the tantrums but you can try to head off one or two by always having a snack available and ensuring nap times. 🙂 Great post!