Project 365 – Days 165 to 178

2 weeks worth of photos this week as I was too tired with the start of Ramadan last week to do a post!

Days 165 to 171Day 165 – Sunday 14th June

There was a dinosaur event happening at our local shopping centre so took the girls. Bee had fun making a dinosaur.

Day 166- Monday 15th June

Finally the gardeners started work on the garden. Bee of course wanted to go out and ‘help’.

Day 167 – Tuesday 16th June

Poor Rosie was a bit upset with the chaos in the garden so went to sleep amongst Munchkin’s teddies.

Day 168 – Wednesday 17th June

With Ramadan due to start tomorrow, we finally put up our banner and made a few paper chains after school.

Day 169 – Thursday 18th June

First day of Ramadan, up at 2am having something to eat to start the fast.

Day 170 – Friday 19th June

Went to Munchkin’s school assembly as she was receiving an award.

Day 171 – Saturday 20th June

There was a festival happening at a local adventure playground so took the girls. They have a small farm and the girls had fun feeding the animals.


Day 172 to 178


Day 172 – Sunday 21st June

Took the girls to the park in the morning for a scoot around before we got too tired with fasting.

Day 173 – Monday 22nd June

Got woken up to the cat wreaking havoc downstairs. Went to investigate and discovered a baby bird cowering in the corner under a cupboard. Managed to get it out and then chased it around the kitchen as it could fly a bit. Caught it and then dropped it into the neighbours garden as plenty of bushes there for it to hide. Didn’t know what else to do.

Day 174 – Tuesday 23rd June

Had to pop into town to collect some things and couldn’t resist getting some cake for later on in the day when the fast ended.

Day 175 – Wednesday 24th June

Finally got round to putting together a Ramadan countdown for Munchkin. Better later than never hey! Basically each box contains a small gift and then a good deed that she has to do that day.

Day 176 – Thursday 25th June

Munchkin’s sports day. The kids only do one race each. I remember when we did sports day we did a number of events and rotated around the field. One event seems pretty boring and hardly worth attending.

Day 177 – Friday 26th June

Rosie’s save me look, as Bee was putting all her toys on her back while she was lying down!

Day 178 – Saturday 27th June

Not feeling 100% today so a quiet day at home. Got the moon sand out for them to play with.


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