Let’s Read Together: Let’s go Dua Catching

Let's Go Dua Catching


Let’s Go Dua Catching by Anaya Nayeer

RRP: £5.99

Get ready to go on a special journey with Eysah and Mr Cat. This delightful story is a bedtime read your children will enjoy. The concept of dua (prayer) is introduced by Eysah in such a touching way, that children will recognise very easily what dua means and the importance of it. 



I came across ‘Let’s Go Dua Catching’ while browsing Amazon looking for books for the girls. I was intrigued by the concept of ‘dua catching’ as in reality you can’t exactly catch a dua (prayer), you MAKE dua. So was curious to read it and find out more.

The story does introduce the concept of dua to young children and this is an ideal read aloud story for bedtime with younger children. However, I must admit I did initially find the idea slightly confusing:

‘……I am looking for my dua. I forgot to pray for my sister……….’

Why would you go looking for a dua if you forgot to say it in the first place? You just make a new dua.

However this is covered within the story by: ‘……All duas go to Almighty Allah. He is our Creator and knows everything. Why don’t you make a new dua…..’

The pictures are in watercolour, in what could be described as almost a dreamy state, which links in with the end of the story. However my only criticism is that for the younger children it can be difficult to make out what the pictures are.

Let's go Dua catching story


But the illustriations ARE colourful which will attract a young child’s attention. And the style of the illustrations will make them use their imagination more.

While attempting to catch the dua, we are taken through a green land, over a sea, up a  mountain amongst other places so this will intrigue little minds and imagination. Although the wording is simple and kept to a minimun, it can also lead to other discussions with your child, such as talking about trees in the green land.

A story to help your child use his/her imagination.


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