Project 365 – Days 200 to 206

It is the first week of the summer holidays but to be honest we are having a quiet week at home, partly by choice and partly due to the miserable weather.

Days 200 - 206


Day 200 – Sunday 19th July

Eid is usually celebrated 3 days but hubby decided to go back to work today. Was slightly miffed about that but what can I do? Spent most of the day at my parents, and collected some clothes I had ordered for Bee from the next sale. She is such a diva she then had to individually get everything out and show everything to her grandparents and aunt.

Day 201 – Monday 20th July

Rosie is slightly overweight so we are now getting her weighed monthly. I have reduced her food so she comes into my room early every morning miaowing at me for her breakfast. But it is working as she has lost 300g in one month. The nurse was pleased with that.

Day 202 – Tuesday 21st July

Weather wasn’t too bad today. Spot of gardening and playing in the garden.

Day 203 – Wednesday 22nd July

Hubby had a day off but had a dentist appointment at midday which prevented us having a full day out and then he ended up with a filling. Were planning to go Hitchen Lavender in the afternoon to see some lavender fields but unfortunately the weather forecast was rain. SO Bee was all dressed up in her new clothes with nowhere to go! Her dad had taken her to the park in the morning but rushed back when it started to rain.

Day 204 – Thursday 23rd July

Sunny intervals today so Bee played out in the garden…taking anything and everything outside.

Day 205 – Friday 24th July

As I have been feeling slightly annoyed about things this week I ended up shopping…I always shop when I am annoyed. Been hassling the hubby to get me a stand mixer for ages…seeing as he couldn’t be bothered to get me what I want, I ended up treating myself and it arrived today. The plan had been to go strawberry picking but again the weather stopped that…so I baked a cake instead.

Day 206 – Saturday 25th July.

Girls for once playing peacefully, well reading together peacefully. Although it didn’t last long. Then we went through some of their toys and put aside a whole box and bag full to get rid of. Finally have started decluttering which I have been putting off for so long.


Although next week is forecast rain am hoping to get out a lot more!!

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