Monsters in Bedroom

Bee has made me realise how chilled out Munchkin was as a toddler. Yes she was painfully shy, but she didn’t make me face the challenges that Bee is making me meet head on.

One of these challenges is Monsters.

And not just any monsters but PINK monsters. And it is always TWO pink monsters.

I was so pleased when Bee finally moved into her own room. She went happily every evening and shouted at anyone who went into her room, including the carpet fitters. She started sleeping the best that she ever has and both myself and the hubby were happy that we had finally got our room back to ourselves and we were getting a full nights sleep.

Then all of a sudden, about a month since she moved in she woke up crying and hysterical. She didn’t say what they problem was so we just thought she saw a nightmare. But every night became a challenge. As soon as the word bedtime was managed she would start crying and it would be hard to get her into bed and settle. She would then wake numerous times in the night crying and come and jump in our bed.

After a talk one evening she finally admitted that she was scared and 2 pink monsters were coming into her room. Now how on earth do I deal with monsters?

So I suggested that as they were pink they were nice monsters…..That didn’t work.

So what is the best way to deal with monsters?

Pink Monster photo credit: You May Know Me From Such Productions As via photopin (license)

One of the ways that has been suggested by many is to use things like ‘Monster Spray’, ‘Monster Swatter’ and to do a ‘Monster Hunt’ before bed.

My concern with this is that it is making something that is not real, real to her. If there is no such thing as monsters then why does she need a spray or a swatter? However, with such an imagination then she probably won’t believe me that Monsters are not real. So if you are currently dealing with Monsters, here are some suggestions that we are trying that may help you.

  • Monster Spray. Put some colouring in to make is special. As we have pink monsters I am considering pink spray. Mist the room before bed and give the bottle to the toddler to spray during the night if s/he needs too. (although this is probably age dependent as you don’t want to end up with water everywhere)
  • Monster Swatter. Get a fly swatter, accessorise it and use it to swat those pesky monsters out.
  • Monster Hunt. Before bedtime, both you and your child can look high and low for monsters and shoo them out.
  • Pets can help. Rosie has a habit of sleeping in the gap under Bee’s toddler bed. So we have suggested that Rosie is looking after her and protecting her; Monster’s are scared of cats.
  • Night Light. Have a night light on in the room. Or even keep the hallway light on. I realised that the night light was casting shadows in her room making it even more scary.
  • Favourite Teddy/Blanket. Let your child sleep with their favourite teddy (or even a whole group of them) and say the teddy is protecting them.
  • Move furniture. Bee’s bed was in such a position that she could not see out of the bedroom door. The door was where the Monsters came in. The bed has now been moved so she can easily see outside.

From a Muslim Mummy perspective there are also extra ways to help your child with their fear.

  • Recite the Ayatul Kursi and 4 kuls for protection. Recite this every night when your child goes to sleep.
  • Play Surah al Baqarah, also for protection. Play this daily.

Sleeping toddler


If any one else has any tried and tested methods of getting rid of monsters in bedroom, then please do share!! These pesky monsters appear to be very stubborn and interfering with everyone’s sleep!


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