Project 365 – Days 186 to 192

Sorry, another uneventful week…..with it being Ramadan I am really not doing much except concentrating on fasting and prayer.

Days 186 to 192

Day 186 – Sunday 5th July

Another quiet Sunday at home to be honest. Tried on the bangles I recently treated myself to.

Day 187 – Monday 6th July

Spent most of the morning cleaning and Rosie was rolling around trying to get my attention so I would play with her.

Day 188 – Tuesday 7th July

Hubby came home from work and decided he was going to cook. It was a chicken dish with sauces and yoghurt. Was actually quite nice.

Day 189 – Wednesday 8th July

Picture of food today as forgot to take a picture of anything else because it was a totally uneventful day! Mince pasta.

Day 190 – Thursday 9th July

I never knew Galaxy did a spread! Was in chocolate heaven when hubby brought it home! It tastes lovely, like Nutella.

Day 191 – Friday 10th July

Flower pic today! Well pleased with all the flowers in my garden.

Day 192 – Saturday 11th July

It’s a hard life playing and being a toddler!



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