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Image from Stamptastic
Image from Stamptastic

It is coming to that time of the year again!

School uniform shopping and labelling.

Now I won’t hesitate to admit I am no domestic goddess. I hate sewing, so sewing labels onto uniform is a big no no here, so that leaves the option of ironing on labels.

Now ironing isn’t as bad as sewing…..but I also hate ironing and try to do as little as possible. And with ironing on labels, if you are anything like me, then you could possibly end up burning brand new clothes.

logoThe newest solution is Stamptastic!

Stamptastic is the new fast way of labelling school uniforms. And it is not just limited to uniform as it can be used on fabric, metal, wood and some plastics.

The Stamptastic Ink Pad costs £12 and the personalised stamp costs £10.

Yes they are more expensive than labels which only cost a few pounds BUT the ink pad and stamp can be used over and over again. Stamptastic’s tests have showed that the stamps on most clothes material can withstand 50 washes. Depending on how much the ink pad is used it more than likely will last until the following school year and beyond if looked after properly.

The ordering process is very simple. You select the name you want, the font and size. What I love about the stamp is that you can also add a symbol .

Stamptastic ordering process


The ink pad arrives in a silver protective packet which you should use to store the ink pad in; this keeps it fresh.


And it really does make labelling items so much quicker and easier!

The only real problem is that the black ink won’t show up on darker colours. However, Stamptastic are aware of this and have added a white fabric pen until they find a white ink pad.

You can learn more by watching Stamptastic’s video

I will definitely be getting rid of the ironing on labels and using this in the future. It saves time and effort as you can literally label all the clothes in just a few minutes. Anything that helps make busy mums lives easier is a must have! And if the ink does eventually wash off all you have to do is restamp!


Stamptastic Ambassador


Disclaimer: I was sent an ink pad and stamps for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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