Flowers in the Garden

I just realised that I haven’t shared a single blog post this year about my gardening exploits. But the Muslimah Bloggers blogging prompt of ‘grow’ inspired me to share my flowers.

We had a lot of building work over the winter months. We had a conservatory installed and then we converted the garage to a bedroom. As a result my garden suffered. Everyime I looked at it I wanted to cry!



I was so pleased when the gardener finally managed to fit me in and start work just before Ramadan. We had a small patio area built in front of the conservatory and also had the lawn returfed. It looked so much better afterwards.


Once completed I could start taking care of my plants and flowers. It brings immense pleasure to see the beautiful flowers thrive with your care and attention. To see the pretty flowers bloom and flourish as the days go by. This year I had the conservatory to sit in and enjoy the flowers.

Gardening is also a healthy hobby; it get’s you out into the fresh air and keeps you active when you have to dig and weed! And as odd as it sounds, even though it is manual work it is strangely relaxing. You are out with nature, not having to worry about anything else.

And you have this beauty around you.


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  • YOUR flowers are 100% seriously gorgeous. more I love their color.on the other hand, I’m am hoping my wife will read this post and help me in getting some beautiful flowers from our local store, although I am hoping more for a new patio set. lol