Project 365 – Days 235 to 241

A completely boring week to be honest, partly due to rain and partly because I ended up with a cold, but here’s my Project 365 pictures.

Days 234 - 240

Day 235 – Sunday 23rd August

A lazy Sunday, as you can see from Rosie’s chilled out position!

Day 236 – Monday 24th August

Decided to get the school uniform shopping out of the way before the last minute rush.

Day 237 – Tuesday 25th August

Started feeling rough today so stayed at home. Here’s a picture of Rosie with her begging look when we are eating. She is currently on a diet as she is apparently overweight so she isn’t best pleased.

Day 238 – Wednesday 26th August

Bee rarely watches TV but today her and the majority of her teddies were watching it, although not for long.

Day 239 – Thursday 27th August

Bee is taking after her sister with her love for books. Although I am not convinced with her position for reading lol!

Day 240 – Friday 28th August

Dad has a hospital check up after a minor op he had a few months ago. Took Bee along and she found some mega blocks and lego in the waiting area. She was actually quite good for once and didn’t run around.

Day 241 – Saturday 29th August

My cold seems to have turned into a nasty cough…and the constant coughing is giving me a headache! Took the girls over to the parents for a short while as they were getting bored. And then home to play some games.

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