Lets Read Together: Raising Readers

Following on from my Let’s Read Together series, where I review a children’s book fortnightly, I have teamed up with Raising Young Believers to do a bigger reading project.

Reading is a vital skill for everyone. It helps increase a child’s vocabulary and helps with general knowledge.  It is never too early to start reading with your child, the sooner the better in fact. Even if your child can’t read yet you can read aloud with them, discuss the pictures in the book and generally just talk about it. Picture books are great for a childs imagination, which helps develop their mind.

We introduce books at an early age in our family and I believe this has helped our girls develop a love for reading. Munchkin at 9 years old is a total book worm and can often be found in her room reading. Her favourites are factual books and due to this she has alot of general knowledge stored in her head; leading her to be picked to represent her class at a school quiz. Bee at 3 already gets excited when she sees a new book and promptly sits down to have a look through it.

Raising Young Believers has written an excellent post about reading and children. Go have a read of her blog post about Raising Readers to introduce our blog hop.

If you are a blogger then please do take part in our blog hop and ‘Lets Read Together’. We have dedicated the month of August to reading with children and are focusing on books for Muslim children. So if your child has a favourite book, if you have a list of your top 5 books for Muslim children, or anything else, then do blog about it and join our blog hop. You simply have to grab the code and place it at the bottom of your post!

We look forward to seeing your posts in sha Allah!


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  • I have an almost two week old and we went to the library a couple of days ago 🙂 I was going to try and get her a library card as I’ve already bought many baby story books that I plan on start reading to her soon even though she won’t understand really lol:)

  • Excellent idea.May be will post about it in future.
    Apart from books (on prophets and other informative stuff), I also encourage my sons to listen to qirat; While feeding them food – I play nasheeds. They (2 and 6 year old) prefer to run and jump than read. :-).

  • Mashaa allaah, I cant wait to join this project. My kids love books and among their favorites are the hungry caterpillar, brown bear and llama llama books at the moment.

  • What a great idea! I wish I was better at reading with my kids. Especially because there’s so many studies correlating bookshelves with success (p.s. loving your font on this blog!)

  • I am looking forward to your project. I am a teacher myself and specialise in literacy, plus i got a 2 and 4 year olds who are bookworms too, just like Mummy

  • Assalamu alaikom sister
    I really am happy with this project.
    My parents used to read books with me when I was little and I cherish and thankful for all those moments til now. Those greatly help me too in learning.

    I’m saddened that majority of the mothers I meet in my country, are lazy or busy to read books for their children so they give gadgets to them instead. And, I witnessed how kids who grew up exposed more to gadgets are not interested to read a book.

    May Allah grant success to this project and allow it to serve its purpose which is to raise the children well.

    JazakAllah khair.