Hijab Series: Hijab – My Decision, My Obligation

woman-785449_1920In simple words, the word ‘hijab‘ refers to a veil that covers the head and is highly recommended for the Muslim women to wear it. Although it may sound very simple, it is not that simple for women to wear and continue wearing it everywhere. By everywhere, I mean every city or country where it is banned or a city where you have a choice to keep it aside. The decision can get difficult especially since Satan tries to create distraction every single time. My story of wearing a hijab began after I got married. No one forced me into it. Neither did I ponder much on the topic to make a decision of wearing it. I used to cover my head sometimes in public places earlier and I knew starting hijab wasn’t a bad idea at all. So it started all of a sudden like the way you say ‘one fine day.’ 

I have many people in my circle who I have observed have decided to undo their hijab practice. You are reading it right, yes! They used to wear hijab but after getting married they stopped. I don’t understand why but I am no one to put my nose in their business. They are sensible adults who know what is best for them. On my visits to the European countries, I have also observed females going from Muslim countries such as the Middle East not only removing the head gear but also wearing modern clothing. After I started wearing hijab religiously, I was welcomed by a few questions from some. They wanted to know answer to one question. Why do I wear hijab? Was it on my husband’s suggestion? I felt irritated but that is how the society is – one word, nosey! Wearing a hijab in a Muslim country can be as easy as eating peanuts but the major issue occurs for those living in non-Muslim countries. Countries such as France where it is banned. Two years ago when I had gone to Paris, I was wondering what to do. What if the authorities will fine me for wearing it but these questions did not help even a bit and I decided I would wear hijab whatsoever, defeating the Satan. There have been challenges, I sometimes think about. Yes! I had to re-do my wardrobe and it is sometimes difficult finding decent clothes. I can’t flaunt my jewellery or any expensive haircuts that I get but the best part is that I get to buy hijab in different colours and designs and I make sure to buy at least one from every country that I visit.


Fatima blogs at Blogs By Fa. She has attained a post-graduate degree in business administration and has been writing since she was in 8th standard. Started off by writing in the children’s section of a known newspaper of Pakistan, DAWN. Later onwards, she picked up many projects for international clients and now being a new mum, she is only working on her blog. She can be found on: FacebookTwitter and Bloglovin’


Muslim Mummy note: The author in this post uses the term ‘highly recommended’ to wear the hijab. However the majority view is that hijab is required.

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  • Thank you for sharing on such an interesting Topic Fatima. I think people have different views on Hijab. Some understand, some don’t. In France, only the full veil is forbidden. I find that people are a bit more open to Hijab in general. But we have been told so many times that women who are wearing it are forced to do so, that it is not always easy to detach ourselves from this idea. Then I know a lot of Muslim woman wearing it by choice.

  • I love how simply youve described what hijab is. As much as it a woman’s choice to leave her body uncovered, the same courtesy should apply to a woman who chooses to cover. Thank you for sharing.

  • Hijab is part of our Islamic identity and a way of life – Alhamdulillah.

    May Allah (swt) keep us steadfast on the path that is most pleasing to Him.

  • I didn’t have any problem alhamdulillah when I visited France last year, no dirty looks or stares. I also know some sisters who have taken off their hijab – but I don’t try to understand or justify it. It is their decision, and I feel like we have our own worries to be concerned about at the end of the day.

  • I loved this post. Many people are just jump to conclusions so quickly. One saying that we’re oppressed, the others saying this and that. Instead of education themselves. However, I’m proud of my hijab and I’m so glad many other hijabis are and also that again many people also accept everyone individuality.


  • Nice post, however, I don’t understand what you mean by modern clothing vs. hijab. It makes it sound as though hijab is something of the past, which is not true. As long as your clothing is modest, you can be a trendy hijabi!

  • Beautiful article about hijab.. Wearing hijab is a great way to express our way of living and worship Allah swt… I wear the full Jilbab too now and I love it as it keeps me protected from all the evil eyes around xz jazak Allah Khariun for your experience xxx

  • Thanks for sharing. I love my hijab. I just wish I can find time to learn some of the hijab styles suggested all over the Internet. I have been wearing the same style for more than a decade and I need some change lolz.

  • True. This is submission and sacrifice on the part of the Muslim woman for being an obedient slave of Allah and for her own modesty. Practising Hijab does pay you in a big way!

  • I found the article very insightful, especially when you said you started wearing the hijab after you got married, and that others stopped wearing it after they had gotten married. I think people should maybe educate themselves on what the hijab is, and once they fully understand it to make their own choice in wearing it.

  • I agree it’s such fun to buy all sorts of hijabs in different colours and styles. I think it’s a great idea to buy them from the different countries you visit. I should do that.

  • Mashaa Allah, I love your blog series sis Fozia! Lovely work sis Fatima!

    I remember during my senior year , my Muslim classmates in Saudi Arabia (we were studying in a Philippine school so we were allowed not to wear abaya and hijab inside school) suddenly started to wear hijab their reason was so that after graduation when they study college they can remove hijab.

    A lot of instances that my friends in Saudi Arabia (when their parents see) wear hijab but when they came here in Philippines, they remove it.

    their reasons are that studying here in Manila as a Muslim is difficult, its difficult to have friends and all. But, its just their excuses.

    I never felt hijab an hindrance for me not to have friends, go to wherever I am. In fact, its very liberating. I never experienced being harrassed. Actually, people in my country show respect for hijabi.

    And, its one thing Im glad I didnt remove wherever I am. Alhamdulillah.