Hijab Series: Wearing the Hijab

woman-851893_1920My take on hijab is not unique in any way however it proved to be inspiring for many. It’s always good to know that I have been a motivational figure either intentionally or unintentionally.


Being born and brought up in a Muslim country, it was never really difficult to adopt this symbol of modesty. It was a norm in our family to carry it in different ways. I always added an aesthetic touch to my hijab by mixing and matching scarfs or stolls with my outfits and accessories, focusing mainly on colors and fabrics. I never really liked to look boring or monotonous. However it was always within limits of modesty, covering my full body and hair, not blingy and always loose on my body that is the reason why it inspired some of the sisters around me to wear it too.


 I also encountered many sisters in my life who were not accustomed to wearing it and always debated that it’s not an obligatory act and believed that hijab is in Islam but Islam is not in hijab. Well all the lame excuses one can think of came across me and helped me understand two things. I concluded that:


  • Firstly , Inspiration or in other words taufeeq comes only from Allah and if someone is unwilling to adopt it then even the Ayat 31 of Surah Nur cannot convince them. However the hijabis should not look down upon them. Instead should keep on inspiring them and invite them towards the right things as this is our duty towards our Muslim sisters. The key is to not force by words instead show by action. Encourage them instead of deflating them. When weak, we should carry each other, not run over each other. Also always remember to praise publicly and advice privately, even your positive words can make them feel as if they are being shamed in front of others. In short, inspire and couch others wisely.
  • Secondly, never judge them. When Allah doesn’t want to judge human beings before the Resurrection Day then who we are to do that. We women should be a positive force in this world seeking modesty and spirituality in our hearts and once we do it, hijab comes by itself. Don’t fall into trap of judging others who are not fully practicing yet. If you are among people who at a point in time act as a critic over others wearing it or not, then you are only making them care even less about it. Don’t watch people, instead watch yourself. What do you tell people who prays twice a day, do you tell them to give up entirely until they are ready to pray five times a day! No u don’t, so why discourage women who are not fully compliant to hijab yet. Remember its all about the journey and if you really want to contribute then oh get her that silky hijab or  pashmina shawl!!
That’s my two cents in this series of wearing the hijab. Hope u enjoyed reading it.


Written by Saima Asghar: A business graduate and a free lance writer, writing for others, both paid and non-paid. research based and general insight ones.

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  • I really like your approach Saima.
    I don’t have any knwoledage about Hijab as I am not a Muslim but obviously I am hearing and listening to what people say and share. I came to the understanding that it was a journey. Many women do believe but are not at this stage yet. Maybe they will never be. Who knows. I think that God loves us with our imperfections too.

  • May Allah always keep you on His protection. Like you, I also grew up in a Muslim country and wearing the hijab came easy. However, after I moved to the US, I did find it hard to be accepted completely for it, so I do know how it might be harder for some people.

  • Very well written. Only Allah can open others heart. Sadly, even few hijabies see it just as a cultural identity.

    Sometimes people don’t like being told. Few dont like giving credit to others for their choice of hijab. Hence they avoid hijab!
    Appreciate and encourage their zeal to follow islam .Dont ask them to follow a hijabi. Once they start appreciating hijab in islam, complement them on their wisdom. Insha Allah once they start wearing hijab let them have credit for their choice. (Avoid saying, I knew you’ll listen to me.) Indeed its Allah’s mercy on them. GUIDE WITHOUT TAKING CREDIT.
    This works with most of the people. Almost all women have inclination towards hijab. (No respectable women wants be stared at like a lollypop.) Just help them accept hijab..

    • Though I understand what your saying, i have to mention that now days there is some fetish around the “hijab” so some poeple will look at you inappropriatly with or without it. Thats why the hijab is not only for woman but for men to lower their gaze too.
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  • Great tips – the principle of not judging others is huge! True change happens from the inside – out. Who knows what the state of a persons heart is?

  • Great reminder. Hijab should be worn with the right intention so it’s better that the sister knows why she wears it rather than to have it forced upon her because she feels forced into it. (Wow that’s a long winding sentence!)

  • Mashaa Allah, liked this article sister Saima. JazakAllah khair sister Fozia and Saima for publishing it here.
    I hope every hijabi/niqabi learn this too, not to judge, discourage or threaten non hijabi sisters. I really appreciate hijabi women who treat non hijabi women just like how they treat hijabi ones; respecting them, inspiring them and motivating them without forcing. May Allah enlighten and guide all of us, hjabi and non hijabi to become better Muslimah. <3

  • Indeed Tawfeeq comes from Allah (swt) alone; we must keep striving and supporting other sisters on their journeys too.

  • Asalamoalikum Sis Saima And Fouzia,
    hijab is a sensitive issue to write about, those of us who keep wearing it just to please Allah(Swt) are indeed the Mujahids. May Allah keep us steadfast and guide the others.. JazakAllah

  • Thank you so much for sharing. I feel like we’re living in a society where it’s so easy to judge others, and that is so wrong when we really should focus on helping each other and bringing each up!