Project 365 – Days 291 to 304

Double week of pictures this week. Flew off to Dubai last Saturday so didn’t get a chance to write up Project 365 that week!

Days 291 to 297

Day 291 – Sunday 18th October

I got a slow cooker some time ago. After a couple of disasters attempting curries I packed it away. Finally dug it out to try a whole chicken and it came out really nice!

Day 292 – Monday 19th October

Hubby brought home a box of Krispy Kreme halloween doughnuts.

Day 293 – Tuesday 20th October

Munchkin’s parents evening. Her teacher was very pleased with her and couldn’t fault her in any way. Got her a couple of books from the book fair at the school as a treat for doing so well.

Day 294 – Wednesday 21st October

Popped into town to get some things for our holiday and met up with a friend for a hot chocolate. Was nice to have a chat and leisurely drink without any kids around.

Day 295 – Thursday 22nd October

Started packing for Dubai. Well tried to…Rosie kept sitting on the suitcase!

Day 296 – Friday 23rd October

Day spent packing and ironing.

Day 297 – Saturday 24th October

Left for the airport at 9am! So excited to go to Dubai!


Days 298 to 304

Day 298 – Sunday 25th October

Arrived in Dubai at 2.30am. Had some sleep and then got up and went to Dubai Mall. Did a spot of shopping and checked out the aquarium at the mall! Then watched the fountain show before heading back to the hotel.

Day 299 – Monday 26th October

Today was spent at Atlantis. Had a dolphin encounter where we got to touch, play and kiss a dolphin. Then we spent some time at their water part and also had a look around their aquarium: Lost Chambers.

Day 300 – Tuesday 27th October

Today we went to the old part of Dubai, Deira, for some shopping and then up the Burj Khalifa in the afternoon. Stunning views! Bee was scared and wouldn’t let go of our hands as it was too high!

Day 301 – Wednesday 28th October

Today we went for a walk down the marina, and ended up at Jumeriah Beach. Had lunch there and then back to the hotel as had a desert experience booked for the evening.

Day 302 – Thursday 29th October

Today we went to Dubai Creek. Missed the dolphin show so watched a parrot show instead. There was soft play aswell so Bee enjoyed that. Spent most of the day there and then had dinner on a boat down the marina in the evening.

Day 303 – Friday 30th October

Today was spent at Abu Dhabi and saw The Grand Mosque. Such a beautiful, peaceful place. Saw the Formula 1 track and also passed by Ferrari World. Wanted to see Emirates Palace but sadly that was shut on a Friday. However we stopped off at Heritage Village and saw some history of UAE. Hubby also got to see one of his friends who he hasn’t seen since he got married. Got back to the hotel and finished packing to leave the hotel at 11pm.

Day 304 – Saturday 31st October

Arrived back in the UK at 6.30am to cold and fog! But good to be back as missed Rosie! She was glad to get home.



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