Let’s Read Together: Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah


Author: Omar S. Khawaja
Illustrator: Leo Antolini
Ages 3-6

‘In this adorable story, likeable Ilyas pairs up with Duck to ask the question over and over in different scenarios. Through whimsical and poetic replies, Ilyas’s curiosity is slowly fulfilled with profound realisations’.


One of the questions that all Muslim parents will be asked is ‘Where is Allah’. And this is the question that Ilyas one day asks. With the help of his loveable companion Duck, they come up with ideas of where to look for Allah. Suggestions include being in the ocean, a rainforest and outer space.

On their travels in the search for Allah, Ilyas and Duck come across a number of unusual animals such as an Alpine Ibex on the mountain, an Anglerfish in the ocean and a Mandrill in the jungle. Ilyas and Duck ask each animal if they know where Allah can be found. Their reponse is ‘Allah is all around us……..But you can’t see Allah like you can see me.’

I must admit I did slightly question the use of the words ‘Allah is all around us’ but when you get to the end Ilyas comes to the realisation that you ‘…see Allah through all His creations. And through them we believe Allah to be true.’

The book makes a lovely bedtime story. The various animals can also be discussed as the final pages contain some facts about each one. That helps as even I didn’t know what a Hoopoe was!

The illustrations are colourful and will capture your child’s imagination. All the different places Ilyas and Duck visit will peak your childs curiosity; Bee was asking about the jungle and ocean, asking about fish in the ocean.

The script itself uses simple language so is perfect for Bee and makes it easier for her to follow and understand when the story is read to her. Even Muchkin at 9 years old enjoyed having a quick read of it.

There are a number of books in the Ilyas and Duck collection. The only downside is these are one of the more expensive books I have come across. In the UK the price varies from £10 to £15 and aren’t always readily available. (RRP $16.99 US)

Verily in the heavens and the eath, are Signs for those who believe. And in the creation of yoursleves and the fact that animals are scattered (through the earth), are Signs for those of assured faith.
The Quran: Surah 45 (verses 3 and 4)

Ilyas and Duck Search for Allah Book Review

Lets Read Together

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