#Not In My Name: UK Bombing Syria

So David Cameron has got his way and has started air strikes in Syria. I wasn’t going to blog about this issue as I generally keep away from politics and prefer to keep my blog as light hearted as possible. But this is something I could not ignore.

The day of the vote I was naively hoping that the outcome would be that the airstrikes wouldn’t happen, but in my heart I knew there was no chance that the government would vote against the airstrikes.

More devastation to come.

More innocents to die.

More retaliation by ISIS.

And potentially more hatred and people being recruited to ISIS.

But the government don’t see it this way. In fact it appears they cheered when the vote was in favour of the strikes. How heartless is the government that they could cheer at the thought of death and destruction? The blood of all the innocents that die are on their hands.

Something needs to be done. I definitely agree with that. These extremists need to be stopped! But dropping bombs and potentially killing many innocent civillians is not the way to go. I strongly believe UK have played into ISIS’s hands. I can see more people joining them and willing to kill people in the west if their families have been destroyed by the bombs dropped. At the end of the day what have they got to lose?

The country is already in pieces after being bombed by other countries. I do not understand why the UK decided to join in, especially after Cameron himself didn’t agree with Russia bombing Syria back in October. It just doesn’t make sense!  What is ANOTHER country bombing the war torn country actually going to achieve? Apart from making the UK an even bigger target for the extremists? And why is UK bombing them anyway? Because Paris got attacked?

I guess according to Cameron I too am a terrorist sympathiser. Although it is slightly hypocritical of him saying that.

terrorist sympathiser

I am sitting here in fear of the future. We are potentially on the verge of a full blown war. Muslims are being attacked every where; verbal abuse (which I myself have experienced recently), physical abuse, attempts at mosques being burnt down and a lot more.

For the first time in my life I feel nervous about going out, this is since the Paris attacks and experiencing some verbal abuse. I am actually avoiding going out alone and only going out when it is necessary. I am starting to feel as if the country I was born and raised in, where I have worked and paid taxes, is no longer home. How can it be home when you don’t feel safe because you know you are easily identifiable as a Muslim with your hijab?  And how can it be home when you worry about your children being attacked in the future if the extremists continue to attack the west in the name of Islam.

Our beautiful religion is being hijacked by these extremists.




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  • It is scary to think about the future at this time, especially for us Muslimahs who wear the hijab. Sadly many poeple lack compassion, and don’t value life. They have forgotten that they too will taste death maybe not by air strikes but the grave awaits us all ☹️
    Umm asiya recently posted…Cozy Living RoomMy Profile

  • I am so sorry that you feel this way about going out, it is truly awful that people are attacking and verbally abusing people just for their religion.
    I am completely against the air strikes too, I cannot see how more violence is the way forward. Like you, I just think of the innocent people who will die and all those who will turn to ISIS to fight back.
    The world is in such a mess and I don’t know how to make it better
    Mrs TeePot recently posted…Feeling festive, making merryMy Profile