Project 365 – Days 347 to 365

Well another year of Project 365 completed. Bumper 3 week of pics for you but nothing particularly exciting…..Thinking to change over to Project 52 next year and just do 1 picture a week! Will see, said that last year and ended up doing 365 again!

Days 347 to 353


Day 347 – Sunday 13th December 

Popped into the town centre for a spot of shopping and checked out some treadmills in John Lewis. Thinking to get one for home.

Day 348 – Monday 14th December

So I had blood tests on Friday to check for diabetes and it turns out I was right. I do have it. So got called in to see the nurse next Monday. Having had gestational diabetes I have a rough idea of what I need to do so the diet and exercise start now. Someone suggested that fenugreek seeds can help…put about 10-15 seeds in water overnight and then drink it. Willing to try anything really if it keeps me off meds.

Day 349 – Tuesday 15th December

Our elderly neighbour opposite dropped off some Christmas presents for the girls!

Day 350 – Wednesday 16th December

Asked hubby to get me some fish. He got me sea bass. I don’t do fish with skin. Creeps me out but decided to try it…Way too many bones for my liking and just could not eat the silvery bits.

Day 351 – Thursday 17th December

Almost the end of term at Bee’s nursery and she refused to have her face painted but agreed to have her hand painted with a snowman!

Day 352 – Friday 18th December

Ordered the Soap and Glory products from Boots after hearing so many people go on about them. Have to admit I do like them too now!

Day 353 – Saturday 19th December

Feeling a bit rough and woke up with a cold…been feeling off for a few days. Hubby offered to take me shopping for some clothes as had been complaining he hasn’t got me any for a while. He probably thought I wouldn’t bother as I was feeling rough. But I am not going to say no to clothes. Managed to get 2 velvet ones out of him!


Days 354 to 360

Day 354 – Sunday 20th December

Not feeling too good today so hubby did a spot of cooking and made some kebabs. Weren’t too bad!

Day 355 – Monday 21st December

Wento to see the nurse today re the diabetes blood test result. Complete waste of time. It was her first day and she didn’t know where anything was. Apparently my blood count is low (but my regular nurse and doctor know that seems to be normal for me according to previous results) so she ordered another blood test for that and a fasting one. I had nothing to eat that morning so she could have taken it then. She then said she would give me a blood monitoring machine, then said she didn’t know where they were and I would have to come back later; but then at the end of the appointment said they don’t give one to those who control it via diet and exercise. Hubby was given one, so she said use his. So when I questioned that he will get questioned as to why his strips and needles have run out so quick she suggested I only test 4 times in the next 3 weeks. So I had to make an appointment in 3 weeks and in that appointment they will take my blood and check my feet and blood pressure which all could have been done today. How am I meant to keep track of my levels without a machine helping me work out what foods agree with me and what don’t? I am also meant to have a referral for a diabetic eye screening…what’s the betting she hasn’t bothered? I go back on the 6th. If I end up with her I think I will change surgery.

Day 356 – Tuesday 22nd December

Hubby ordered me a treadmill and it arrived today!

Day 457 – Wednesday 23rd December

Spent most of the day putting the treadmill together myself. Hubby initially helped me move the belt part into place as that was heavy and then I put together most of it myself (Who needs a man??) He did however help with the final bits which I couldn’t do alone.

Day 458 – Thursday 24th December

Aching all over from putting the treadmill together so had a quiet day at home. Rosie just chilled with us while sitting in the lid of a box.

Day 359 – Friday 25th December

Christmas Day. We don’t celebrate it but hubby was off work so had a relaxing family day.

Day 360 – Saturday 26th December

I put Bee’s doll in the wash with my fingers crossed that she would survive it! Bee was a bit worried about her and watched while she was in the machine! (She did survive it).


Days 361 - 365


Day 361 – Sunday 27th December

Popped over to my mums and their neighbour had left the girls a present each which was a notebook, chocolates and fun soap. She never forgets the girls.

Day 362 – Monday 28th December

We were invited by Hopster to their ‘Showtime’ where they were showing episodes of Pingu, Thomas and Friends and Bob the builder. As we had nothing planned we decided to go and a friend and her son came with us. It was in Cambridge and as hubby works there he told us there was a fun fair there and then he took us sightseeing to a few places. We attempted to do a spot of shopping but it was so busy and the little ones were getting tired and grumpy that we gave up!

Day 363 – Tuesday 29th December

Our main diet includes a lot of chappatis but they seem to send my sugar levels sky high. So thought I would try wholemeal flour. Didn’t help.

Day 364 – Wednesday 30th December

Went to the Pantomime to see Aladdin. Dumped the hubby as he didn’t seem keen and took one of Munchkin’s friends. Bee got a bit restless but the older girls seemed to enjoy it. I was just surprised at some of the crude jokes (and there was quite a few of them!) I think Bee was more fascinated with the Christmas tree in the foyer than by anything else.

Day 365 – Thursday 31st December

Wooo another year of project 365 completed! Another quiet day and myself and Rosie are just chilling on the sofa seeing if can stay awake until midnight!


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  • i am a bit like you with regards to whether or not to do a project 366 or a project 52. it is hard some days to capture a moment!
    sorry to hear about the issues you are having with the blood tests etc.. i hope it all gets resolved quickly. good luck with your treadmill.
    wishing you a happy new year xx

  • I am with you on the fish, I could not manage to eat that either.
    Oh dear with the diabetes and the carry on with the nurse, does not sound very professional. Hubby was told the same, he does not get a monitor as he is tablet/diet controlled not insulin but the tests meters used by insulin dependant people are not suitable for type 2.
    I have to go for a fasting blood test as well but first appointment is the 28th Jan.
    We saw the panto this week and the younger kids other people had there were bored as well.

  • so sorry to hear about the diabetes, i really hope you come right at the next appointment with a nurse who knows what they are doing. I had to chuckle at you aching putting the treadmill together, imagine how you’ll feel when you use it