My Charity Shop Game

We have had this game for a while and I can safely say it is one of Bee’s favourites. It is easy for her to play and for everyone else to join in with too.

My Charity Shop is a product of Smart Ark Ltd – Creative Learning and Imaginative Play. Described as:

A fun memory game, which builds on memorisation, concentration and vocabulary. Also introduces your child to the concept of giving to charity. Ages 3+

Box Contents:

4 x Item Lists
4 x Charity Shops
24  x Item Cards

charity shop contents

Object of Game:

Using the items on your list, become the first person to collect all the items and place them in your charity shop.

How to Play:

The game is suitable for 2 -4 players. Item cards are spread face down and players take it in turn to look at a card. If it is on their list they place it in their shop. If it isn’t then they put it back face down. Play continues until one player has all the items on their list in their charity shop.


What did we think?

The game is recommended for 3+  but Bee started playing this before she turned 3 and understood how to play it. Although she does seem to want to cheat! The charity shops, lists and item cards are all made out of what seems to be thick cardboard so are quite sturdy and can handle little hands being rough with them.

My Charity Shop

I have to admit I did wonder how some of the items could be classed as charity shop items such as olives, cheese, figs and other items of food but then realised that these can be discussed with your children as food items that can be given to the homeless. What we liked about the game is that some of the items had a more Islamic theme, such as a prayer mat, abaya and qibla compass.

The game is a simple but fun memory game which can be played by all ages. Children have to use their memory to remember which cards they have already picked up and not pick those again and also use their concentration to remember which items they need and make sure they place them in their shop when they find the right one.

Bee plays this game almost daily and has managed to get the whole family to play with her at some point, including her grandparents. She would definitely recommend it to others!


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If you wish to purchase ‘My Charity Shop’ it is available at Amazon. (affililate link)

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