Project 366 – Week 8

Pretty much all recovered from our colds except me, still coughing away but much better than before. Back to school and slowly getting back into the swing of things.Week 8

Day 52 – Sunday 21st February

A quiet day today. All just getting our energy back after being ill. Popped over to my mums and had some of her nice warm, freshly made pakoreh.

Day 53 – Monday 22nd February

Parents leaving to go abroad to Pakistan tomorrow for 6 weeks so popped into town to get my Mother in Law some perfume. Bee spotted Bing and wanted to buy him and then insisted that he NEEDED Flop. Seeing as I like Bing and Flop too I gave in and got both.

Day 54 – Tuesday 23rd February

Parents left today. Brought their budgies home to look after…had forgotten how noisy they can be. Annoyed me after an hour.

Day 55 – Wednesday 24th February

Today was all about keeping a close eye on the budgie and the cat. So far it hasn’t been too bad. But I wouldn’t risk leaving them alone all day.

Day 56 – Thursday 25th February

Finally went back to Pilates after missing 3 sessions. Was good to get back, find it relaxing.

Day 57 – Friday 26th February

Didn’t do a whole lot today. Just watched the cat and the birds eyeing each other up. Surprised the birds aren’t more frightened of her. They sit and watch her back!

Day 58 – Saturday 27th February

Bee is missing her grandparents a lot. Asks everyday when they are coming back. So making an extra effort to do more activities with her. Did some painting today.

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