Project 366 – Week 15

Another pretty uneventful week to be honest.week 15

Day 101 – Sunday 10th April

The plan had been to have a day out before the eldest went back to school on Tuesday but dad still in hospital so we did some crafts at home, (made a Sadaqah Jar) and then went visiting in the evening.

Day 102 – Monday 11th April

Although it hasn’t been confirmed what the issue is with dad, he was discharged today with further appointments to investigate more. No pictures today except the one I took of my handbag that I purchased recently in London, and which I was debating if it was too blingy for me!

Day 103 – Tuesday 12th April

Munchkin at school today so Bee of course went into her room to get all her animals out to play with.

Day 104 – Wednesday 13th April

Beautiful sunny and warm day today. Got the bike out at my parents house and Bee learnt to pedal properly.

Day 105 – Thursday 14th April

Bit of a lazy day today, did nothing special; even the cat was chilling!

Day 106 – Friday 15th April

Munchkin is part of the newsletter team at her school and finally got a badge saying she’s a newspaper reporter.

Day 107 – Saturday 16th April

Bit of a rainy day today. So general tidying up at home and checking on the plants we are growing. Popped to the parents for a while and that’s pretty much it!


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