Project 366 – Week 16

week 16

Day 108 – Sunday 17th April

Had to go to London to drop off hubby’s car to get his engine reconditioned. Costing over 1K but needs to be done….a whole new engine would be a whole lot more expensive! Had the sat nav but I still ended up going slightly wrong….well I ended up seeing parts of East London I hadn’t seen before! It was also our 11th wedding anniversary….so after I got lost and then found hubby again, we went for a meal and some shopping. Hubby got me some bangles I liked (sadly not real gold lol) and some outfits.

Day 109 – Monday 18th April

Still tired from our trip to London yesterday so when Bee got home from nursery we had some quiet time with some Sticker Activity Books.

Day 110 – Tuesday 19th April

Popped to the parents. Had to admire the parents tulips which are doing well.

Day 111 – Wednesday 20th April

Another nice day, so after nursery and school the girls had some fun in the garden with bubbles.

Day 112 – Thursday 21st April

Got Bee some chalk and we wrote on a spare wall in the garden. She was slightly bemused and said it was naughty to write on walls! After the initial shock she had fun.

Day 113 – Friday 22nd April

Quiet day spent at home. I had ordered a bird table from the RSPB and put that together.

Day 114 – Saturday 23rd April

Hubby took today off instead of Sunday. Initially thought about going to Warwick Castle but as we hadn’t planned it and we woke up late we ended up going to Leicester for a walk around and a meal. Ended up going to a dessert place afterwards.


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