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My girls love stickers; I think Bee would sticker the whole house if she could. However, I get extremely excited when I find products that have an Islamic theme to them, so I was pleased to be sent some products from The Muslim Sticker Company – 2019 renamed to Farhat Amin – to have a look at.

The girls were sent 3 books to share:

  • My A-Z Sticker Book of Islam
  • Shapes Sticker Activity Book
  • My Dailty Dua Sticker Activity Book

Muslim Sticker Company


My A-Z Sticker Book of Islam

This book has over 80 stickers and isn’t just about stickers. Children can practice writing the letters and can colour in the pictures on each page. However I do feel some of the pictures are slightly complicated for the younger ones to colour, as generally they prefer bigger pictures when colouring.

a is for Allah the one and only God. Allah loves and cares for us the most. He wants us to be the best people. When we are kind and caring to others, we are good muslims. We should praise and thank Allah for everything he has given us.

A simple but affective sticker book to help teach your child about Islam in a fun and engaging way, while also helping teach how to write the English alphabet.

A-Z of Islam


Shapes Sticker Activity Book

This book has over 50 Stickers and 15 pages of activities. All the stickers are in the middle of the book. This is the perfect help if your child is at that age where they are learning their shapes. Activities include finding the stickers to match the shape on the page, joining the dots to make the shape and then colour it, drawing the shapes freehand, and even an activity to decorate a prayer mat.

If your child ends up doing all the activities in one go then this book won’t last long. Myself and Bee are doing a page a day and she is learning some shapes she didn’t already know.

Shapes Sticker Activity Book



My Daily Dua Sticker Activity Book

This contains 26 everyday daily duas. This is a useful aid in helping young children to learn the most commonly used duas. To make the learning of the duas more exciting, each page has a picture to colour. In addition to this there is often a question or a further activity to do. For example, on the page for the Dua when you enter your house, questions are asked at the end:

What do you have outside your house. Do you have a car? Are there flowers or bushes? Add them to the picture of the house.

The book has over 100 stickers and what I particularly like about it is that there is a Dua Star chart at the end where once you have memorised the dua you can add a sticker next to it to show it has been completed.

Daily Duas


What I love about all 3 sticker books is that at the start there are some basic guidelines on how to help your child make the most of the activities and the learning potential. In particular I felt it was important to remind both children and parents the importance of remember Allah in the Daily Duas Sticker book:

And for men and women who engage much in Allah’s remembrance, for them Allah prepared forgiveness and great reward.

Surah Al Azhaab: 35


Disclosure: I was sent the sticker books for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  • Oh these are neat. I’m an aunt-mommy so my niece is the one I’m looking out for. You always have a brilliant book to share. These stickers look bery small though, she’s one and a half. She’s a super sharp girl — saying big words and doing intelligent things — but I think I should wait until she’s older

  • They look nice! I think they would be appealing to children. Even I still like stickers, hehe. Though I don’t like the Barbie stickers or Hannah Montana stickers or anything like that which are just about glamorous dolls and princessy looks. These educational stickers are more my type!

  • I can’t wait to have kids so I can start buying these things and watch my kids learn about Islam 🙂

  • They look so cute mashaAllah. I really like the idea of using stickers – especially the fact that kids love it. I’m a bit apprehensive to buy any more sticker books though as sometimes they have Allah’s name written on it – and the stickers ends up everywhere lol

  • I still love stickers! Haha! Well becoming a mom doesnt mean you have to act all grown up 😛 Ahhh! I thin this is something BabyR will definitely love when she grows up. But I do have a few friends here with school going kids…probably will get them to have a look at this
    Hina –

  • These are so cute! Perfect for both teachers and mommies at home, or kids…I’m just afraid my little one would waste them hehe

  • I haven’t met a child yet who can no to a sticker. It’s a great learning resource and I encourage every parent to invest in some stickers especially those with Islamic themes and morals as you listed.

    Enjoy your sticker sessions x

  • Stickers!!! My kids are crazy about them. Other than candies nothing else could motivate a kid like stickers.
    Unfortunately, most of the stickers in market are far from Islam. While my kids cover their wardrobe with such stickers I spend few minutes disfiguring some of them! I hope the company launches more Islamic stickers on wider scale.
    I love the dua journal. I keep a Quran memorization log for my son. I fail to fill it most of the days. 🙁 Such a journal would really help a any mom stay focused.
    Haya recently posted…I am a starMy Profile