Project 366 – Week 20

Week 20

Day 136 – Sunday 15th May

Spot of car shopping in the morning. Although I love my car we need a 7 seater. My parents often go out with us and although hubby has a big cab, it is uncomfortable, and they struggle to get in and out. So we are looking at a people carrier although parents said not to…..but I can’t see them struggling. Plus when the parents aren’t with us we will have a big boot to put the girls bikes etc in for when we go to the park. As I am not actually keen on getting a people carrier I am looking for the cheapest, most compact one I can find out of them all, which seems to be Vauxhall Zafira’s at the moment.

In the afternoon we went to see Mister Maker Live at our local theatre. Bee loved it! Mister Maker and his helpers were full of so much energy!

Day 137 – Monday 16th May

I am hoping to do a tyre feature in the garden (to plant flowers) and had started painting the tyres yesterday. Today cleared the area I want to put them in and put some gravel around the tyres. Waiting for more paint to arrive..but the weather doesn’t look great for the rest of the week so not sure when I will complete it.

Day 138 – Tuesday 17th May

While sitting indoors with the back doors open, I heard this horrendous noise that sounded like screaming. Thinking that the cat may have got a bird I ran outside to find her playing with a frog. Every time he jumped she slapped him and he let out a scream. So I grabbed her, put her out the front and put him out the back. Went to do the nursery run and came home to more screaming…either he had found his way back in or it was another frog. So rescued it again.

Day 139 – Wednesday 18th May

A watch for Bee arrived from ‘My Doodles’ to review. They are making donations to Cancer Research UK Kids and Teens from the proceeds of sales of some items. You can read  more in the post about My Doodles And Cancer Research UK Kids And Teens.

Day 140 – Thursday 19th May

Back to car shopping in the morning and ended up buying one. Came home and realised it was advertised on autotrader for £200 less than it was on their forecourt. Rang them up ready to have a go but he immediately honoured the cheaper price. Collecting it on Monday.

Day 141 – Friday 20th May

Went to a blogging event in the evening to our local shopping centre. They are looking to recruit local bloggers so this was the chance to find out more and possibly get selected after we write a blog post. They set us some tasks which were fun and I got a personalised skin consultation with Origins at John Lewis. Actually very impressed with the Origins products and booked myself in for a facial next week.

Day 142 – Saturday 21st May

Took Bee to karate in the morning. As her introductory course is almost over she has now been given her white belt and I have to decide whether to officially sign her up. She seems to love going so will sign her up. I ordered some baskets from Ebay to make up some Eid gift baskets for the girls and Rosie has started using one as a bed! She looked so cute in it that had to take a picture.

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  • Good to read about your life Foz. I am not that much around these days, projects going on and the will to concentrate on Mister Pop and family life.
    You are in my thoughts and I love your photos!
    Rosie is lovely.
    Good for you – facial massage is great! As mums we do need to take good care of ourselves too.
    marie recently posted…Rain in MayMy Profile