Kinetic Sand Build: Bakery Boutique

We have recently discovered Kinetic Sand and love it. So the girls were excited at the chance to review Kinetic Sand Build: Bakery Boutique.

Kinetic Sand Build Bakery Boutique


Create the cakes

Decorate the cakes

Display the cakes




What’s in the box?

Bakery Boutique Pieces

What tools do you get to make the cakes?

Bakery Boutique Accessories

The first thing you have to do is to get the actual ‘bakery’ ready by making up the table and the shelves. What I particularly liked about this is that everything can remain in the box and once you are done the shelves can be taken down and the box closed up ready for next time. (Or even leave the shelves on).

Bakery Boutique box

Once the table and shelves are ready on to the fun stuff! The kinetic sand.

So what is kinetic sand?

Kinetic Sand is basically mouldable sand which holds it’s shape. It’s made out of 98% sand  and 2% polydimethylsiloxane (a type of silicone oil) that mimics the physical properties of wet sand. What we love about it is that although it can get on your clothes, it is easily comes off when you brush it off.

Kinetic Sand

The box comes with two colours; pink and blue, but you can mix them both to make purple. Although the box says it is suitable for 5+, even Bee had a go at it and enjoyed using the moulds to make cakes.

Munchkin is 10 and she had no trouble using the moulds to make and decorate the cupcakes. The shapes came out of the moulds very easily and without breaking.

Bakery Boutique cakes

The only thing she struggled with was using the extruder and getting the shapes from it to stick to the cake. In the end she would just take them out and placed them by hand…but even then they would tend to fall off.

Bakery Boutique Extruder

The girls had fun with it and spent a quiet afternoon making and decorating the cakes. I can see this being used again and again on rainy days.

The sand was enough to make a number of cakes but it would have been nice to have a bit more and perhaps in more colours too for decorating. We are planning to get more coloured sand to decorate the cakes in a variety of ways!


Cakes with bakery boutiqueKinetic Sand Build: Bakery Boutique from Spin Master is available in most toy stores and also on Amazon (affiliate link).



Disclaimer: We we sent Kinetic Sand: Bakery Boutique for the purposes of review. All opinions are our own.

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