The Wondrous Web

I was sent a copy of ‘The Wonderous Web’ for the purposes of review. However all thoughts and opinions are my own.


The wondrous web

The Wonderous Web
Author: Razana Noor
Illustrator: Rahima Begum
Publisher : Pure Heart Press
Recommended Age: 4-8

A unique, nail biting rendition of the Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh), miraculous save while taking refuge in a cave.


Following on from ‘A Whale of a Wish‘, author Razana Noor returns with another story and again does not disappoint. We loved the concept behind a Whale of A Wish and were excited to hear that another book had been published.

This time a cute spider (yes spiders can be cute!) leads the story; a spider that wants to please Allah (swt) with his good deeds.

There was once a little spider who lived in a rocky den
With his huge family of a hundred and ten!

As he was the smallest in the nest
He often got trampled on and ignored by the rest!

But even though he was extremely small
He had the biggest heart of them all!

The rhyming text makes it a lovely flowing read which Bee enjoys listening too and again the illustrations capture her imagination.

A wondrous Web spider

I particularly loved the way the concept of good deeds was merged into the story of the Prophet Muhammad (saw) and his friend Abu Baker (ra) hiding in the cave. The little spider is desperate to do good deeds and he manages to fulfil this ambition by spinning a web against the entrance of the cave and saving the Prophet’s (saw) life.

In addition to the telling of the story, the dua for protection is included at the end of the book, five fun facts about spiders and a glossary of terms used in the book.

I can see The Wondrous Web, telling one of the most well known stories in a unique and memorable way, becoming one of our favourite books in our collection. We can’t wait to see what else the author comes up with!

Reading the Wondrous web

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