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Who doesn’t love samosas? Samosas are a popular snack in many communities but aren’t always the most healthiest of snacks. As a result, Gourmosa was born, a recently launched health focused Indian/Pakistani food brand, made with better quality ingredients and superfoods. Their samosas are the first fully bakeable samosas that are 50% less fat than frying and avoid all the health issues associated with deep fat frying.

Gourmosa’s product range include:

  • Samoasa
  • Samosa Leaves
  • Chaat
  • Samosa Pie
  • Gourmet Samosa
  • Samosa Pot

Gourmosa samosas

Gourmosa have three main concerns.



They have taken traditional snacks from the Subcontinent and revamped them with new techniques and superfoods while maintaining authentic flavours. Pairing delicious spices with the highest quality ingredients, they have created moreish combinations that are exotic, balanced and good for you.



Their team work hard behind the scenes to get the right balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates into every recipe. With beneficial spices, superfoods and ingredients full of essential vitamins, they are certain you’ll feel the health benefits in yourself.



They have adapted traditional methods to make their products healthier, making sure their samosas can be baked and not fried. They have also created delicious new products which have never been seen before, such as their samosa pots and samosa pies.

Gourmosa gourmet samosa

Why not try out Gourmosa samosas? They are currently available in Tesco and Asda.


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