There’s More to Lush Than You May Know!

Lush Bath BombsAs a parent it is so important to pamper yourself and I have realised that Lush is perfect for this! I usually pop in for a bath bomb or two and never took much notice of the rest of their products.

At a recent event organised by the Lush Team at Queensgate Shopping Centre in Peterborough, I was amazed to learn how wide their range of products actually is!


Arriving at Lush we were treated to some drinks and biscuits before we were taken on a tour of the shop.

Drinks and Biscuits at LushIt was on the tour of the shop that I realised just how extensive Lush’s range of products is. The shop is split into different sections focusing on one particular area such as make up, hair, teeth and shower. Lisa, Grace and Carolyn talked about the different products and you could really feel the enthusiasm coming from them about their products, showing that they truly believed in the products they were talking about.

Lush Talk

Two of the product ranges that I was surprised about was makeup and the teeth section. I never realised that Lush sold makeup or even had products for your teeth.

Make Up

Lush Make up

Now I am one of those that doesn’t really bother with make up but I loved the sound of Lush Make Up for your eyes, skin and lips. The range is called Emotional Brilliance and is about representing your different moods, for example, calm, passionate and strong. And along with their general ethos, the range is vegan, cruelty free and tested on humans!


Tooth Powder

I was pleasantly surprised to hear that they had a range for teeth too! Tooth powder and Toothy tabs. All you have to do is put the powder on your toothbrush and brush away. With the toothy tabs you crush up the tab with your teeth and again just use the toothbrush for fresh. clean teeth! These appeal to me as they are vegan and preservative free.


I also never realised that Lush did perfumes. (See the theme here – I didn’t know as much as I thought!)

Lush Perfume

What was fascinating to hear was that with the perfumes it is best to go and test out the perfumes to see what suits you. What smells nice on one person may smell differently on another so you really need to go and try them out on yourself.

Once the tour was over we moved on to the fun part. Lush had a couple of treats in store for us.

Fresh Face Mask

One of my favourite displays in Lush has to be the face masks which are displayed in ice.

Lush Face MasksThe fresh ingredients used in the face masks are displayed making it clear to a customer what is in the face masks. Lush decided to show us how they make their face masks and to emphasis they ingredients that they use are fresh. Once the face mask was made we took some home to try out.

Making a face mask
Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic Face Mask


We were all also treated to a hand massage using one of their massage bars: Peace. It was amazing how relaxing a hand massage can be.

Lush Massage Bars

Lush Massage

If you actually would like some more pampering then Lush have Lush Spa (sadly not in our branch though!) You can learn more about the spa treatments on their treatment page. If they had a spa locally then I most definitely would have taken advantage of it!

Hair Consultation

Finally we were given a hair consultation. I described my hair condition and was recommended Smugglers Soul and kindly given one to take away and try.

Smugglers Soul Lush

Can you believe that you can get up to 80 washes out this? I would never have thought to try this on my hair but looking forward to seeing how it makes my hair feel.

What I also love about Lush is that most of the products are suitable for the girls. I came across the ‘Sea Monster’ which can be used as a soap and a bubble bath.

Sea Monster LushWe have tested it out and this appeals to the girls as it has a play dough texture and they love putting it in the bath.

Another item I will be getting for the girls is the sun block. I always worry about the chemicals in the creams and lotions I put on the girls skin so this is a more natural alternative. Also it makes it easier to apply rather than trying to rub in messy creams.

Lush Sunblock

I will definitely be returning back to Lush and buying more products. They are not just handmade and fresh, Lush are also concerned about animal testing and also buy ethically.

What more could you want?

Lush Event

Thank you to Lush Peterborough for a lovely evening.




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