Getting Organised with Unique Life Planners from Pirongs

I have to admit I am not particularly good at organising myself when it comes to the blog; my current organisational skills end at jotting down things related to the blog in the notes section on the iPhone. This isn’t always the best plan, so I was pleased to get the chance to review a planner from Unique Planners by Pirongs.

What is great about these planners is that they are completely customisable.

Gone are the days of having to decide between navy and black. Now you can completely customise your own diary, planner, notebook or sketchbook from cover to cover. Add in your own photos and text, and even pick the colour of your wire binding and ribbon!

Unique Planners have a wide range of planners:

  • Life Planners
  • Wedding Planners
  • Academic
  • Notebooks
  • Unique Gift Cards

I was given the chance to review a life planner and couldn’t wait to start customising it. The Life Planner comes in 2 sizes, A4 and A5. Although the A5 size is handy for placing in your handbag, I knew I wouldn’t be carrying it around with me so opted for the A4 as I really need a planner to organise two blogs: Muslim Mummy and Muslimah Bloggers.

Customising the planner starts immediately. You choose when you want the planner to start from and also the layout; you have 3 options for each choice.

Life Planner Customising at the start

The only downside I found was that you only have 3 options of when your planner can start. As I started to make it in June, it would have been nice if I could have had it start in July.

Once you have made the initial choices, the real customising starts. You can either use the sites pre set templates and add your own pictures or completely customise the planner with your own photo.

Customising unique planner

I spent some time using the pre set templates and adding pictures, but eventually decided to use my own photo to make the planner completely my own, some of the photos I wanted to use you can see in the left hand side of the image above. One of the issues I had was that a number of photos I wanted to use were said to have been of low quality, which I did not understand. I really struggled to find an image the site said was of high quality, and eventually found a photo I wanted to use that was taken with my DSLR.

Customising blog planner from pirongs

I opted to use the image on the whole page.

Once you have decided on the template/image you want to use, you can then have fun customising your pages and adding what page content you want from numerous options. The planner comes with some pre set pages at the start including a calender (year at a glance).

Year at a glanceBe warned though that if you remove the year at a glance pages you won’t then find them in the extensive list of page content. I had to start my planner from scratch as I removed them thinking I could re-add them.

You have around 26 pages at the end to add your own content, which even includes car maintenance and gardening tasks! I opted for:

  • Lists
  • Notes
  • Birthdays
  • Family activities
  • Jobs for the hubby
  • Packing for an adventure
  • Books to read
  • Chores for the kids
  • Financial wish list
  • Budget
  • Sudoku
  • Contacts

As you can see there is a wide range. I think I am being slightly optimistic with the jobs for the hubby page…..I will probably end up doing them all anyway!

You also get a selection of stickers at the end to help you organise your planner.

Unique Planners Stickers

Once you are happy with your planner, you then have a number of other options before you pay. You can choose the colour of the binding and the ribbon and you also have a choice of a number of add ons: pen holder, sparkly elastic, pockets, washi tape.

One of the things I love about the planner is that before each month you have the ‘Month at a  Glance’. This can make things easier to see quickly.

Unique planners, month at a glance

I picked the vertical layout as felt that gave me plenty of space to cover my schedule for two blogs. It also includes a check list  and ‘To Do’ lists at the bottom.

Unique Planners layout

A great planner to get yourself organised and an easy to use site to help you customise it to fit your personality!

Blog Planner from Unique Planners

Fancy purchasing your own planner?

Unique Planners have been kind enough to offer my readers a 15% discount. Just use the code MUSLIMMUMMIES15 at checkout. The code expires at the end of 2016.

To learn more about Unique Planners have a watch of their latest video!


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