Project 366 – Week 28

Week 28

Day 192 – Sunday 10th July

Decided to pop to London to eat out and as we were close to Madame Tussauds we decided to visit there and make the most out of our Merlin Passes (but ended up paying £15 parking).

Day 193 – Monday 11th July

Quiet day at home today, cooking and cleaning….so you have a picture of the Dahlia in the garden!

Day 194 – Tuesday 12th July

Bee’s dad ended up buying her another doll. She is currently into rag dolls. I am trying to declutter all the girls toys….but I didn’t say anything as it’s not often he will buy them toys without prompting. I’m usually the toy shopper!

Day 195 – Wednesday 13th July

We have finally got a Krispy Kreme and myself and another mum from the school run decided to pop there after we dropped the kids there! Got a free doughnut! We made the right move going first thing as we heard that there were huge queues later in the day, going back to the roundabout.

In the afternoon popped to our local soft play as they have revamped the toddler area.

Day 196 – Thursday 14th July

I was craving an ice cream…usually we get lots of vans come past our house in the evening and the one day I wanted one none came! Hubby on his way home spotted his friend driving around and made him come home with him so we could get our ice cream fix!

Day 197 – Friday 15th July

Another quiet day at home so trying to catch up with my reviews including the one of the Jord watch but was feeling slightly demotivated about the whole blogging scene and didn’t get much done.

Day 198 – Saturday 16th July

Popped to the parents in the morning and took them shopping, then we spent the afternoon chilling at home. Eldest tried to make shamballa bracelets and struggled a bit.


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  • £15 to park?????? really????? Bl**dy hell, that was an expensive free day out!!!
    Love the rag doll. and the fact he bought it unprompted.
    Cant see the appeal to KK myself, does nothing for me.