Project 366 – Week 26

The last full week of Ramadan! These 4 weeks have flown by!Week 26

Day 178 – Sunday 26th June

Spot of painting today….with Eid just over a week away the girls are making some stars to stick up.

Day 179 – Monday 27th June

Munchkin’s sports day…although really it was a sports ‘hour’. I remember having a full day of activities but she literally had one race (hurdles) and then they all joined in for a relay race.

Day 180 – Tuesday 28th June

The girls Eid sweets arrived ready to give them on Eid day in about a week! Their Eid gift baskets are now complete.

Day 181 – Wednesday 29th June

Went to buy myself a new outfit as just felt like a spot of shopping. Mum ended up paying for it as an early Eid present.

Day 182 – Thursday 30th June

My new blog planner arrived! Review will be up on the blog soon. Also Bee’s parents evening. She is doing really well and they are happy with her. As she is a September baby she has another year of nursery and she is slightly upset as some of her friends are going to ‘big school’ and she isn’t.

Day 183 – Friday 1st July

I slept through my alarm for the pre dawn meal before we started fasting for the day. However I still kept it as it was the final Friday of Ramadan. It ended up 23 hours of fasting….I did struggle especially towards the end but hubby was home so he did all the school runs etc and thankfully I didn’t have to cook much today. As I didn’t do much you have a picture of food – Lady fingers curry (Okra).

Day 184 – Saturday 2nd July

A Smiths toy store opened up today. I wasn’t initially going to go as the girls already will be getting lots of things on Eid day. But as it was close to Bee’s Karate centre we ended up stopping off on our way home. It got crazy with queues to get into the car park and queues up the slip road at the roundabout. We managed to miss all that as we got there early. Bee was happy with the face painting. Think this is the first time she has had it done on her face.

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