Eid Crafts and Decorations

We love decorating the house for Eid. It is so important to make it special for the children. As a child I was just excited to get a day off from school and knowing I would get money. But we need to show our children that Eid is much more than that, to build some excitement to the big day and make them understand the meaning and importance of Eid celebrations.

To make it fun for the girls we have:


Eid Henna


Eid Balloons


Eid Sweets


eid presents


Eid decorations

Making decorations is so much more fun then simply buying them as the girls can get involved. To me, decorations that the children make look so much better, it shows the love and effort that has gone into making them.

A few years ago we first started making our own decorations which you can read about and learn how to make 3D stars in the post Pinterest Inspired Eid Decorations.

While browsing online I can across some more ideas of making Eid more fun.  Here are some crafts and downloadables that you can use to celebrate Eid from fellow bloggers.


DIY Eid cards from Muslim Learning Garden



Door Decor from Crafting Life with Intention

Eid Door Decor


Eid Stained Glass Candle holder from Muslim Learning Garden

Eid stained glass candle holder


Decoupage Jars from Little Life of Mine

Eid decoupage jars


Pop up Star or Moon Eid Card from Ilma Education

pop up star or moon eid card


Eid Lanterns from Muslim Learning Garden

Eid Lantern



Lollipop Eid love from Gilded Dunya

Eid Mubarak colouring card from Ayeina

Colouring sheet from Ilma Education

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  • Thank you for sharing. Growing up in a non muslim background and celebrating christmas (I am a convert of 2 years). I wasn’t sure what we could do to get the kids excited for Eid. These ideas and links to printables look great! JazakAllah Kheir 🙂