Project 366 – Week 27

Week 27

Day 185 – Sunday 3rd July

Last few days of Ramadan so we are starting to work on our Eid decorations!

Day 186 – Monday 4th July

Made some paper chains to hang up! Girls love making their own decorations and paper chains are nice and simple.

Day 187 – Tuesday 5th July

Munchkin off school today due to the strikes so went shopping to get some hair accessories to go with her Eid outfit and other little bits and bobs. Then we went and got our henna done. Eid isn’t Eid without henna’d hands.

Day 188 – Wednesday 6th July

Eid day! Day of family and food……and bubbles! Bee wasn’t feeling well and didn’t eat anything all day due to a sore mouth but we went strawberry picking in the afternoon as she asked to.

Day 189 – Thursday 7th July

Turns out Bee has the hand, mouth and foot virus so she was feeling sorry for herself. She had been complaining of stomach ache for a few days but I didn’t realise that was the start of it until I noticed the spots in her mouth yesterday.

Day 190 – Friday 8th July

Bee feeling better and managing to actually eat something today. She was putting her hair bobbles on Rosie’s head or wasn’t impressed and then wouldn’t look at the camera.

Day 191 – Saturday 9th July

Quiet day at home today. Didn’t take Bee to karate as not sure if she is still contagious. So while the girls played I caught up with some blogging. Love my Jord watch I recently received; review will be on the blog soon.

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