Project 366 – Week 34

Week 34

Day 234 – Sunday 21st August

Went to a local festival with some friends; storytelling, den making, face painting, bug making and much more. Was a lovely day.

Day 235 – Monday 22nd August

A quiet day, some of the books about hajj (annual pilgrimage) I had ordered arrived for the girls.

Day 236 – Tuesday 23rd August.

We were meant to be going to London today for a day out but yesterday evening Dad went back into hospital with high potasium levels which could have ended up being lethal. So a day stressing and hospital visits.

Day 237 – Wednesday 24th August

Another book for the girls arrived and more hospital visits.

Day 238 – Thursday 25th August

Hospital visits and then Dad was discharged in the evening. Caught Rosie trying to get comfortable in the jigsaw box. She is an odd cat!

Day 239 – Friday 26th August

Our local shopping centre were holding an event where you could see some animals and hold them. Bee was brave enough to hold a snake and my eldest was happy to have it around her neck for a few minutes.

Day 240 – Saturday 27th August

A quiet day spent at the parents house. Let the budgie out who decided she wanted to shred the magazine on the table!

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