Tips for Litter Training Kittens

Ever since I got Rosie as a young adult from Cats Protection, I have also wanted to get a kitten. My plan had initially been to get a kitten but with a young child it seemed better to get a more chilled out cat rather than a boisterous kitten. Now that my youngest is almost 4 I am tempted to take the plunge and get a kitten. However it took me almost 7 years to get my husband to agree to a cat, so him agreeing to a kitten may be slightly more problematic seeing as they do require a lot more care. But kittens are so much fun…so I am working on him.

One of the issues is litter training. Any animal I bring into the house has to be very well trained. This cute video has some tips for the humans too!

In general the top tips seem to be:

  • Have a good sized tray
  • Keep the tray away from food
  • Put the tray in a quiet area (even cats need some privacy)
  • Try not to move the tray to different areas of the house
  • Keep the tray clean
  • Finally, be patient!

The world of litter can be confusing as there are so many different types. When I first got Rosie I was so confused! I went through a variety of litter with Rosie before I settled on one that both she and I were happy with.

Some of the different types are:

  • Clumping Clay
  • Non Clumping Clay
  • Corn
  • Wheat
  • Silica Gel Crystals
  • Recycled Paper
  • Wood Pellet
  • Scented and Unscented

So which one is the best one?

There is no real answer to that. We tried both clumping and non clumping, wood pellets and corn. Rosie used all of them but ultimately we ended up sticking with the clumping clay purely because it was easy to get the soiled litter out in one clump, leaving the rest of the litter fairly clean and smell free.

With trial and error you will find the right litter that works for you and your cat.

Cat in a basket

Do you have any tips for litter training kittens?


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