Project 366 – Week 36


Day 249 – Sunday 4th September

There was a local arts festival happening, with storytelling, dance performances and music. Took the girls and Bee loved the pirate show, and was confident enough to take part in it.

Day 250 – Monday 5th September

Did a shopping trip to find myself an Eid outfit or next week. First stop Leicester to collect the nieces and check out the shops there….then ended up in Birmingham….found some outfits…and returned to Leicester to eat. Had to try out some mocktails. Then back home! Were exhausted by the end of it!

Day 251 – Tuesday 6th September

Bit of rushing around today getting the final bits of uniform for school tomorrow. One of my outfits arrived today that I had ordered online…love it!

Day 252 – Wednesday 7th September

Back to school and nursery! Bee was happy to go and see her friends but sadly most of them have gone on to school..she missed out on going to school this year as she is a September baby. Once I collected her we went to meet some of my friends and old work colleagues for lunch!

Day 253 – Thursday 8th September

Wrapped up the girls Eid presents today! Ready for Monday.

Day 254 – Friday 9th September

It has been a long week. Been really feeling mentally and physically tired over the last few days. So just put on some candles and relaxed once the girls went to bed.

Day 255 – Saturday 10th September

Have restarted my eldests horse riding at a new stables. Rather than an hour she gets to go for 3 and a half hours. One hour is riding and the rest is grooming and taking care of their pony for the morning. She loved it so will be booking her in fortnightly. Am tempted to book myself in for lessons.


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  • The longer horse riding session sounds like a good idea. Great for getting kids to realise everything that it takes to look after and ride a horse, not just the riding part.

  • I like the idea of an hour riding and then some time learning how to look after them, puts them in a better position if you ever get your own.
    Glad you got your outfit sorted and hope you had a good Eid.
    Seems a bit harsh to miss out on school as she is born in September, when the schools go back in September anyway. Our cut of date is Feb28/29th and if you are born before that you start school at 4, if after that start school at 5