Decorating your child’s small bedroom

Just over a year ago we converted our garage into a bedroom for my eldest and Bee was moved into her sisters old room, which is pretty much a box room. As I had decorated the room less than a year ago I really did not want to start painting and wallpapering again so Bee had to make do with a white room with pink flowered wallpaper on one wall. Thankfully she loves pink and flowers so was happy! To make it seem like it was special for her I simply added a decal on one of the walls.

Recently I have been thinking to decorate her room so she can truly claim it at hers. But with it being a small room I am limited as to what I can do with it.

bedroomWith a small room you need to be creative when it comes to making it look bigger than it actually is. Here are some tips:

  • Get a bed with storage – for a child’s room you can get a cabin bed with storage space underneath, or if you have a slightly older child you can get a multi function bed with a desk underneath it so they have space to do their homework – a mid sleeper.
  • Make use of the height of the room – Get storage cupboards that fit the room and go up to the ceiling. Or use shelving; floating shelves are ideal as they use less space.
  • Have a striped wall – horizontal stripes are said to widen a room but if you want the room to look taller then vertical stripes will do this.
  • Use light colours – darker colours tend to make a room look more closed in. This isn’t just limited to colours on the wall but also to blinds, whether window blinds or roof blinds. Curtains are best avoided in a small room as they are large and bulky and can block out much needed light. You can find examples of light coloured roof blinds from the company Velux. And if your child is anything like mine they will love the new Disney Collection from them. My little princess would simply adore their princess blinds!
  • Use mirrors – placed in the right place they can help boost the sense of space in a room
  • Make sure you cupboards and wardrobes are organised to maximise space – if they are organised properly you may find you can fit in more than you expected.
  • Make use of every corner if you need more storage – corner shelves are perfect to place small items.


Do you have a small bedroom in your home? Do share your decorating tips!




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