Hijab- My journey and thoughts

Today I am sharing a post from fellow muslimah blogger Zehera in my hijab series.  In this post she shares her thoughts on hijab.

Hijab is basically defined as the headscarf worn by Muslim women with the aim of covering their head (hair) and chest, when in front of non-mahrams. I think the word Hijab needs no elaborate explanation, as it has become a most hyped-word in the world of today. Hijab is a compulsion by the faith of Islam, where Allah (SWT) has ordered the believing women to draw a veil over their bodies (including the head and neck). Thus the Hijab is an indispensable part of the wardrobe of a Muslim woman. If it has been ordered by your creator, it is a must despite of all the trivial excuses some women make up to forgo the Hijab.


Coming from a non-Muslim country, my journey with the Hijab has been interesting one. A majority of my friends back home were non-Muslims, and I was quite impressed by their sense of style. I did not really start wearing my Hijab until I was aged 15 as I did not have many role-models to influence me to observe the Hijab. After having completed my schooling and when I was about to start college, my father adjured me to start donning an Abaya and Hijab. I was a bit reluctant at first, because not many of my relatives wore the Hijab with a complete devotion. It was an on-off affair, where most of the times the Hijab was observed only on weddings and other family events.

I did however start wearing the Hijab slowly ,whenever I was to go out. I felt a bit conscious at the beginning, as I was not used to wearing it earlier. But as time passed on I accepted it to be a part of my clothing and my Islamic identity. The best thing to have happened to me is I accepted Hijab as a commitment to my faith. I embraced it as an obligation from my Lord. My father did ask me to start wearing the headscarf, but I was never forced to do that. And having started at a young age of 15, hijab helped me mould my personality in a more Islamic way. I felt protected and secure within my loose cloak and the modest headscarf. And I had sense of satisfaction that I might be pleasing my Lord at-least through my clothing.

After getting married, with the encouragement from my husband I have started wearing the Hijab almost all the time (not just when I am to go out), except for when I am with my husband or in front of Mahrams. I now do not even give a second thought about my wearing the hijab when the occasion demands. Even when the door bell rings, and through the peep hole I see the postman in the orange uniform, bringing my most anticipated parcels, I quickly slide on my Khimar and open the door.

A very important thing that I have learnt is, Hijab means not just covering the hair, but it is a modest piece of cloth that covers a woman starting from her head to her most feminine features. That is what is the true meaning of observing hijab, as per my opinion. Unlike the present scenario where Hijab has become synonymous with style and fashion. A tinge of fashion is not a bad thing. But humped Hijabs with skinny jeans and figure hugging tops is not what Allah (SWT) expects from a believing woman. However I am not the one to judge. Allah(SWT) knows the best.

ووجدك ضالّا فهدى

And he found you lost, and guided you!
Quran (93:7)

Allhamdullilah! For my Lord guides me to observe Hijab!

Author Bio:

Zehera is a 20 something blogger, born and bred in India, and at present living in the U.K. She is a home-maker and she loves to write. That is why she blogs. Most of her posts are about Islam, and she rarely shares her own reflections on the blog. As she is a beauty junkie, she also write posts about halal Beauty products and ingredients. Someday she wishes to gain immense knowledge of Islam, and make her work sadqa-e-jaria. Inshallah in the process of adopting a more pious way of life, and helping fellow Muslims do the same. You can find Zehera blogging at The Inquisitive Mind.

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  • I have been thinking on and off to take the hijab again! i did take it up when I was in college and even though it was for a short time, i did it. My mum does the proper hijab but she has never forced us to wear one but I know she secretly wants us sisters to start taking it up! Its been pressing on my mind since a long time! And I commend you! It is such a brave thing to take up hijab in a non muslim land where you have Shaitaan deviating you from the right path but to stay strong and put is amazing!

  • I absolutely agree that the hijab is not only meant to cover the head only but the wearer must also ensure that all the other aspects of modesty are taken care of. Have seen many women who do not respect the hijab in an appropriate manner.

  • Indeed hijab is an obligation. Yet, many of us don’t observe it properly. May Allah guide us.

    I loved reading about sister Zehera’s hijab journey. I am glad that you brought up the issue of observing hijab while opening door for postman, sales person and so on.

    Thanks for sharing
    Haya recently posted…A Scheme for SuccessMy Profile

  • I feel the same way, “protected and secure” when i started donning the hijab 3 years ago and never looked back. Thanks for this post!

  • I used to wear hijabs just to show others that I’m a muslim before marriage. Alhamdulillah I’m blessed with a husband who taught me the meaning of hijab as you have written in this post. Insha Allah I want my daughters to know the blessing of being a muslimah and start wearing hijab at an early age. Allah guides children through parents.

  • Masha’Allah, a lovely post by Zahera. I always enjoy reading other Muslimah’s hijab stories. May Allah preserve Zahera and continue to strengthen her love for her hijab and her religion, ameen.

  • Her reluctance because not many of her relatives wore the Hijab, is a very valid reason for starters. Not having enough hijabis around you makes you feel like an outsider. Until you are comfortable enough with the attire – which takes practice and awareness to build up. May Allah always keep us steadfast after guiding us.
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  • Zehera you are so right! Hijab is one of the most hyped up words today especially on social media. It’s also a huge part of the fashion and style frenzy around us. Alhamdulillah for the striving minds who wear it out of sincerity and to gain Allah’s Pleasure.

    It’s beautiful to hear that you started wearing it at 15 years. I started much later but khayr insha Allah. May He for whose sake we keep it on, help us remain steadfast… beyond the fashion, frenzy and fanfair.

  • When the door bell rings, a muslimah runs for her scarf…the story everywhere tehee.. I too wore the hijab since 12 or so and it is my second skin. I really cannot go out without it.
    May He purify our inwards and outwards!

  • JazakAllah Sister Fozia for publishing my post. And JazakAllah for all the valuable comments.
    Hijab is mandatory. But the sad thing is every other person feels he/she has a word to say about the Hijab, including some ignorant Muslims who are really misleading the world, saying Hijab is a choice wear it when you want to and dump it when you want to don the western attire for a party. 🙁
    May Allah guide us all on the right path. Ameen!

  • Thanks for sharing your story! For me, hijab was also a transition rather than just putting it on one day! It took me time to learn about it properly.

  • I love reading hijab stories! The beautiful thing is that we each have our own unique experiences with hijab but in the end we are striving for the same thing!