Project 366 – Week 39


Day 270 – Sunday 25th September

We went Strawberry picking earlier this but returned to do some plum picking. It is a lovely place to visit and will write a blog post about it soon.

Day 271 – Monday 26th September

My friend is a Body Shop at home consultant and I ordered this new charcoal face mask through her. I have decided I need to pamper myself a bit.

Day 272 – Tuesday 27th September

Some Islamic themed kids magazines arrived from Canada for the girls and I to look through and give our thoughts. They will be launching in the UK in January and looking forward to it.

Day 273 – Wednesday 28th September

A new halal breakfast place opened nearby and hubby and I decided to check it out. We used to go to Van Hage for breakfast every now and then until I saw them using the same utensils to serve both meat and non meat products. Pleased that we now have somewhere to go again for a treat and to spend some quality time together.

Day 274 – Thursday 29th September

One of Rosie today. Been having a bit of a blogging slump recently but was on a bit of a roll today finally. Rosie came and sat next to me to keep me company.

Day 275 – Friday 30th September

Nothing special today so another pic of Rosie. Here she is with her paw over her face as she wanted to sleep but I still had the light on in the living room. She usually sleeps int he conservatory but as it is getting colder she has started to venture back into the warm living room.

Day 276 – Saturday 1st October

Bee is doing well with her Karate. She has a new belt and now goes twice a week, the second class with older children who are up to age 8. As they will be sparring she needs some kit. It isn’t cheap but they had a kit left by another parent who’s child quit after a month (so it was virtually new) which I then purchased.

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  • oooohhhh plum crumble coming up.
    Well done to Bee on getting up to the next level, not a bad achievement for one so young.
    I hate places that cross contaminate, they need some staff training!!

  • Strawberry picking is so much fun (thought Mister Pop only eats them!)
    The breakfast time looks great – it’s always good to have some time together.
    Karate, whao! They do take kids at an early age in the UK. We have to wait another 2 years in Paris…
    Have a lovely weekend Foz. xoxo
    Marie Kléber recently posted…Incredible Women!My Profile

  • Rosie looks like our Molly. (Although she’s a bit scrawny these days)
    The karate kit may be expensive but is essential. Good that you could buy nearly new.