Keeping Warm in Winter and Reducing Energy Bills

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Longer nights and shorter days means only one thing……it is getting colder. So time to have some cozy nights in. However that does mean bills can go up so how can you keep energy bills low?

Cozy night in

Premier Bathrooms shares tips and tricks on how to keep energy bills low this winter and here are some of the tips I use and some I feel are beneficial to know.

One of the things you can do to help keep your bills down is to keep yourself warm so you don’t have to put the heating on high.

Firstly, eat well. Food is one thing your body needs. Healthy, wholesome meals will provide you with energy which in turn will help you keep warm. Warm food and drink will help.

Secondly, wear warm clothes indoors. Clothes made out of wool are ideal as they help maintain body heat. In particular keep your feet warm with some nice fluffy socks! I always find if my feet are cold the rest of my body is cold!

Other ways you can reduce your bills is to be a bit savvy with your energy consumption. There are many ways that will help reduce your bills.

One of these ways is to use energy efficient products. These days most electrical appliances have ratings which range from A+++ to D. A+++ is the most energy efficient. They appliance may be slightly more expensive but in the long run it should save you some money. My dryer ends up being used a lot more over the cold and wet months so that is one item that needs to be energy efficient!

Another is to use your thermostat wisely. Use the timer and set different temperatures throughout the day. Turn the temperature down when you aren’t at home and also turn it down in the evening when you are in bed. Your duvet and blankets will keep you warm so you won’t need your heating on high.

In addition to this, shop around for better energy deals. It is amazing how many people rarely switch their gas and electricity supplier. Use comparison sites to see which energy supplier is cheaper.

In addition to keeping warm and being savvy with your energy consumption, it is always worthwhile checking to see if you are eligible for any schemes and grants, especially if your income is low. A cold weather payment is available to those on certain benefits and there are often schemes to help with insulation and even new boilers. Insulation will help keep your house warmer and in turn helping to reduce your bills, while a new boiler is likely to be more energy efficient and therefore will help reduce your bills.

Do you have any must have tips for helping reduce bills in the winter months? Do add them to the comments!

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