myDeen Islamic Children’s Magazine

I first came across myDeen magazine on Instagram a few months back.

So what is myDeen?

MyDeen is a monthly children’s educational magazine that encourages Islamic education through the use of stories, puzzles, reminders, games, crafts and much more.

Those who are regular readers know that I am always on the look out for good islamic resources for children but was slightly disappointed to see that they were based abroad and only delivered to USA and Canada.

But don’t despair if you are in the UK!

In sha Allah myDeen magazine will be launching in the UK in January!


What I loved about the magazine is that each month there isn’t just one magazine that has to fit all age ranges, but has two magazines each month. One for ages 5-7 and one for ages 8-11.

myDeen magazine were kind enough to send over the girls a copy of their Islamic New Year issue for myself and the girls to take a look at. Here’s a brief video showing the magazine in detail so you can get an idea of what kind of things are in the magazine.


In summary, we loved the magazine. It is appealing and educational. A great fun resource to help your children learn about and love Islam. The perfect aid to help you teach your children and start discussions about different topics each month.

You can learn more about the magazine and pricing at myDeen magazine.

Mydeen Islamic childrens magazine

Disclosure: We were spent a copy of the magazine to review. All thoughts and opinions are our own.


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  • My kids are too old for this. Wish there was something like this years ago! It’s available in North America and the UK but what about for Australia? We’re too far away and always get things about 5 years after everyone Oh well. For those wha can get access to these magazines, do try to get it because they look like fun for the kids.

  • Masha’Allah these magazines look great! My 9 year-old self would have loved these! I don’t have children of my own yet but alhamdulillah I love seeing all these wonderful resources becoming available for young little Muslims masha’Allah 🙂

  • It’s great news that the Deen magazine is launching in the UK in Jan and I am so happy to read about all the things related to the religion that have been introduced for kids. When I was small, we didn’t have anything like that which taught religion in any way, the toys and magazines I mean.

  • YESSS, so excited that this magazine will be launched in the UK. My little cousins and niece and nephews will love it. They are at that age were learning about Islam in fun creative ways is a must.

  • A huge fan of these magazines mashaaAllah! Your review was thorough alhamdulillah! <3 When homeschooling scares me, resources like these keep me steadfast 😀

  • I came across this magazine last year at an Islamic conference. I look forward to my daughter being old enough so we can use these!

  • Wow! Looks like a great resource. Can’t wait for my kids to get older ( and hopefully start listening to me during our homeschooling sessions ) so I can start using these wonderful books and magazines. Hope they will ship to the Middle East by then!

  • This is such an important lesson for us parents to integrate our little ones with our faith at a young age and books like these really connect with kids by their fun, colorful illustrations that relate to kids and also pass on valuable stories and lessons.