Project 366 – Week 49

A bit of a quiet and uneventful week to be honest. Struggled with pictures!

Day 339 – Sunday 4th December

A quiet day today. Bee practiced her letter writing.

Day 340 – Monday 5th December

Couldn’t resist these doughnuts from Tesco. They really didn’t last long!

Day 341 – Tuesday 6th December

Bee was a climber when she was younger. It seems she’s still into it…she’s recently started jumping and climbing all over the sofas again!

Day 342 – Wednesday 7th December

Rice with mince. My eldest loves this.

Day 343 – Thursday 8th December

Time for a bit of pampering in the evening.

Day 344 – Friday 9th December

The whole week has been pretty much on a ‘slow go’. Bee crashed out on the floor watching TV pretty much reflects the feeling of the whole week.

Day 345 – Saturday 10th December

I decided to get the eldest to tidy her room and help her. Big mistake. Ended up majorly stressed due to the mess. Had to order some dessert to recover!


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