Project 365 – January 15th to January 21st

Day 15 – Quiet day at home, playing games and watching TV.

Day 16 – Bee told her dad to bring home doughnuts…….

Day 17 – I ordered some black seed honey which arrived.It is meant to have lots of health benefits so thought I would give some to Dad.

Day 18 – Back to hospital for dad to check his esophageal varices. They needed banding again. He was then in a lot of pain that night.

Day 19 – A cold, frosty and foggy morning. Couldn’t resist taking a picture. Winter has such a beauty about it.

Day 20 – Went out for dessert with a friend and her kids. Bee is beginning to test my patience when we go out and misbehaves. Left determined never to take her out with friends again!

Day 21 – Popped to the park to test out the balance bike Bee received. Here’s our review of the balance bike with a short video.


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  • Thinking of you and your dad – I hope he is feeling better Foz. It’s such a hard period for him, you and your loved ones.
    Going out with kids is not always fun. Hope Bee will behave better next time.
    We are freezing in Paris – what is the weather like in the UK?
    Sending you love and prayers.