Project 365 – January 22 to January 28

Day 22 – Relatively quiet day at home. Hubby had got me flowers after asking if I wanted any as we were passing them!

Day 23 – Received at call at 3am from my mum. It appears Dad had suddenly got very confused and was walking around the house and not listening to them..and were unsteady on their feet. My dad tends to listen more to me than anyone else so rushed over. Managed to help him go to the toilet and get him settled back to bed. Decided to call the non emergency number to seek advice and they sent an ambulance within 5 minutes. Apparently confusion is not a good sign. My sister had arrived by then and she went to the hospital with me as I had to get home for the girls and school run.

Day 24 – Another day of hospital visits. Dad had forgotten who my sister was yesterday but he did remember who we were today. However he was very weak, the nurses had to help him to do everything, even eat. His speech was slurred and he couldn’t always make himself understood. Which you could see what frustrating him. They decided to do another fluid drain while he was in hospital.

Day 25 – Another day of hospital visits. Dad still quite weak but slightly improved. Had a scan today on his liver and thankfully no tumours and the liver doesn’t seem to have changed in size much since his last scan. Decided to do some blogging stuff while at home to take my mind off things and the cat decided to photobomb the photo I was trying to take. Some people can question why I am still on social media during these crisis’s. But it is a distraction, helps take my mind off things – it is my way of coping.

Day 26 – Went to visit dad and he had been discharged and just waiting for his medication. Apparently he is medically fit to come home. He is a bit wobbly on his feet but they gave him some frames to use when walking at home when needed. Picture of Rosie here, feeling a bit like how she looks, tired and run down!

Day 27 – Bee had a slight cold so didn’t send her to nursery and I was feeling a bit rough myself. So a duvet day at home and I caught with my blogging and review of some new books: The Zaynab and Zakariyah series.

Day 28 – Bee and myself have full on colds. Thankfully hubby home today so he did the cooking and I could rest. Bee then uses the excuse she is ill to spend more time on the tablet.

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