Zaynab and Zakariya series from Smart Ark

The Zaynab and Zakariya series aims to cover a wide range of social and ethical issues. Young readers will enjoy reading these informative books and also discover how to deal with situations from an Islamic perspective.

Zaynab and Zakariya series from Smark Ark

As part of being brand ambassador for Mini Muslim Playground, I was sent a couple of books from the Zaynab and Zakariya series as they know how much we love books in our house! And this was a series I had not yet come across. I was pleased to learn about them when I realised that they cover social and ethical issues.

Zaynab and Zakariya Learn to Recycle

The title is pretty much self explanatory; Zainab and Zakariya learn about recycling. They learn about the importance of recycling and how it will help the environment in the long term, and also that it is not just paper that can be recycled but that they can also make their own compost.

Zaynab and Zakariya find that there are lots of things that can be recycled. They also learn that caring for the planet pleases Allah too.

The recycling process itself for paper is explained in simple terms.

Learn to recycle

What I then particularly loved about this book is the mother in the story opens the Quran and reads some verses which talk about not wasting things. The verses help encourage Zaynab and Zakariya to read more about recycling and caring for the planet and to be grateful for all that Allah (swt) has created.

Zaynab and Zakariya learn to recycle

Zaynab and Zakariya The New Neighbour

In this book, Zaynab and Zakariya meet a neighbour who is in a wheelchair, thus learning about disabilities.

Zaynab and Zakariya learn that although Allah has made us all with very different abilities, we can still all play, learn and get along with each other.

The New neighbour

This story in the Zaynab and Zakariya series is ideal to teach children that everyone is different; what some may find easy, others may find hard. That different people have different strengths but we can all get along.


The Zainab and Zakariya books are unique to me in that they are trying to teach children about everyday life with an islamic ethos. Things like recycling and disability may not always be something that is talked about at home…and I know when I have mentioned recycling I haven’t specifically related it to a hadith.

The illustrations are simple and no facial features are shown but they are colourful and on every page, therefore will be appealing to children who like seeing pictures. Although the books would be hard for young children to read, the text is simple and can be read to younger children and should easily be understood. And for anyone who doesn’t understand what some of the Arabic words mean, both books have a glossary at the back.

The books overall are simple, aren’t particularly text heavy, but both of them teach valuable lessons and on that basis I would recommend them.

Zaynab and Zakariya glossary

Both books are available from Mini Muslim Playground, retailing at £3.99 each. You can find them and a selection of other books in the Mini Muslim Playground Book Section.

Mini Muslim Playground Brand Ambassador

Disclosure: We were sent the books as part of being a brand ambassador. However all thoughts and opinions are our  own. 


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  • The price for these books is really reasonable! I’ve got one of the books from MMP and I really like the quality. For the 2 year old, the thick and glossy paper is perfect. Great review! Will get these in the coming years Insha allah.

  • Wonderful books….it is always good to get these type of books for kids….it not only raise the interest in the kid to read but are also helpful….

  • I love the idea of these – I especially like having a ‘series’ so kids are familiar with the characters and can follow along from book to book – it’s such a great idea mashaAllah. I love that our kids are growing up at a time where we have so much great Islamic children’s literature. I imagine my grandchildren will have even better choices inshaAllah!

  • Amazingly cute mashaAllah. So informative, i think not just for the kids but for grown ups as well. So much information is now readily available to children in this day and age which is sometimes taken for granted. May Allah allow us to benefit from useful sources. 🙂

  • These sounds like a perfect gift for kids❤
    I like the thing that they don’t include the face while showing pictures,like all the pictures are without face!
    Very informative & beneficial series,would love to buy these for my cousins.