Top 15 Islamic Childrens Books – Our favourites of 2016

*Note: Top 15 Islamic Childrens Books is our own personal list from the books we have at home. There are plenty of books that are now available and we hope to review more throughout 2017 in sha Allah!

My regular readers know that I have a habit of buying books, and I am also often sent some to review. You can find a list of the books already reviewed under my Let’s Read Together category. As we are now in 2017 I thought it would be a good idea to mention 15 of our favourite books from 2016. The list includes books for different age ranges and are in no particular order. All of these books will be reviewed on the blog in 2017 if they haven’t already been reviewed.

Muslim Mummy Top 15 Books of 2016


The first three books I am mentioning are from Learning Roots. I have become a bit of a fan of their products which include books and islamic games. High quality, educational…what is there not to like?

Learning Roots Books

The Way to Jannah

RRP: £6.99

Ages: 0+

Zayd poses a question to his mother as they climb up a wintery mountain path: “Mummy, what do I say if I want to go to Jannah?” Time after time, Zayd tries answering his own question, never quite getting it right. His mother comments on his efforts, teaches him new words of remembrance, but never gives the answer away. Will Zayd ever find the right words? And will it be as simple as he expected?

The Prophets Pond

Ages: 3+
RRP: £7.99

Zayd is meeting someone by a special pond, but knowing it will be rather hard to find, he enlists the help of his mother before setting off on this journey. With each pond they encounter, Zayd’s description of the special pond becomes even more elaborate than the last, until his mother finally discovers what her son is actually in search for. Will Zayd ever find the special pond? And who does Zayd hope to meet if he finds it?

Allah Knows All About me

Ages 0+

RRP: £6.99

This book is written using charming rhyming text with the repeated phrase ‘Allah knows all about me,’  which reinforces your child’s faith in their Creator with the turn of every page. The language is simple yet fluid so your child would love to read it time and time again. The narrative calls on everyday thoughts, feeling and emotions, helping your child to understand the concepts of faith in a way that relates to the way they see the world.


Next are books from Razana Noor, a new author who’s writing I immediately fell in love with when I first received A Whale of a Wish.

Razana Noor Books

A Whale of a Wish

RRP: £7.99
Ages 4+

A charming re-telling of the Prophet Yunus’ momentous encounter with a whale! Told through the perspective of the whale, the fun rhythmic text and masterful illustrations capture the imagination and will be relished by kids and grown-ups alike! Read my review: Whale of a Wish

The Wondrous Web

RRP: £6.99
Ages 4+

A most unique, nail biting re-telling of the Prophet Muhammad’s(pbuh), miraculous save while taking refuge in a cave. Told through the perspective of the spider, the simple rhythmic text and marvellous illustrations make this a must have for every Muslim child. You can read my review: The Wondrous Web

My Special Angels: The Two Noble Scribes

RRP: £4.99
Ages 5+

Find out all about the angels beside your shoulders, the Kiraman Katibin, and how to turn those bad deeds into good ones, with a lovable and cheeky young boy. You can read my review: My Special Angels.


The next 3 books are about the Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم. It is important in any Muslim household with young children to have resources that teach about Islam and our Prophet Muhammad صَلَّى اللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّم.

Books relating to prophet Muhammad

My First Prophet Muhammad Storybook

RRP: Around £10
Ages: 7+

Designed for use at home or at school, this book makes the message of the life of the Prophet Muhammad more meaningful for children. It encourages children to discover for themselves the message of the life of the Prophet and to find their own ways of applying the Prophet’s timeless teachings to their lives. These stories act as a foundation on which to build a growing knowledge of the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

In the Prophet’s Garden

RRP: £8.95

Ages: 9+

A thematically arranged anthology of Ahadith, sayings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), fully illustrated with colour pictures of flowers and pictures from nature. Each hadith is taken from authentic collections in Arabic followed by a simple modern English translation which make the book easy to read and easy to understand.

365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad

RRP: Around £11
Ages: 7+

365 Days with the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is a unique storybook, which takes children on a fun-filled, day-by-day adventure throughout the life and times of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW). It provides a lively and chronological account of the Prophet as a person, whose life and teachings are loved, cherished and respected by people all over the world. Every day, children will find in it a new story enshrining the wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), which they can apply in their daily lives.


The next 3 books in my list all talk about Allah (swt) and the remembrance of Allah (swt).

Allah books

Where No one Can See Me

RRP: £8.60
Ages: 5+

This is a debut book from the Asma’ul Husna Series, which aims to illustrate Allah’s names and attributes to children in a highly engaging and memorable way.This book allows children to easily understand and internalise the meaning of Allah’s name, Al-Basir, through story-telling, so that it is readily relatable.This book centres around Ilham, a character who disobeyed his mother’s instructions only to learn that whatever actions are hidden will eventually be revealed. Read my review: Where No one Can See Me

Ilyas & Duck: Search for Allah

RRP: £13.99
Ages: 3+

Ilyas is a 5-year-old boy with an insatiable appetite for questioning the world around him. Duck is fun-loving and playful yet helps to satisfy Ilyas’s curiosity about the world. In this story, Ilyas wakes up one morning and wants to find Allah (God)! Join these two best friends on an exciting adventure to find Allah and see what they discover. Read my review: Ilyas and Duck: Search for Allah

I Can Say Bismillah Anywhere

RRP: £4.95
Ages: 0+

I Can say Bismillah Anywhere! instructs us that we should remember Allah all the time, no matter what we do. Since Allah has created everything in the world, we should think of Him in all our actions.


And the final three are books that we just loved!

Muslim Mummy favourite books

The Story of the Elephant

Ages: 3+
RRP: £19.99

This Pop-up & Play Book aims to truly inspire and excite young hearts to engage with the magnificent event of Abraha’s army of elephants going to destroy the Ka’ba. In 570 A.D. Yemen, the tyrant ruler Abraha leads his army of elephants to destroy God’s House, the Ka’ba in the Holy city of Mecca. Armed with only prayers, the leader of the Arabs relies on his faith and trust in God to save the Ka’ba and discovers some unexpected miracles along the way! Read my review: The Story of the Elephant

#Alhamdulillah For Series

RRP: Around £10/11
Ages: All ages

#AlhamdulillahForSeries is a series full of positivity which aims to spread gratitude towards Allah, in places we sometimes forget to see. The book with beautiful illustrations is a month of helping you develop an attitude of gratitude in shaa Allaah because an Alhamdulillah a day keeps scarcity away.

How to get Hijab Ready

RRP: $15.99
Ages: 8+

A guide for Muslim Girls ages 8 to 11 gives you a simple and easy guide to getting ready to wear hijab. Full of colourful illustrations, tips, and how-to guides, you’ll learn how to be confident in hijab, and easily transition into covering when you’re ready.


Do you have any book recommendations? Let me know in the comments and do keep an eye on the blog as in sha Allah will be doing more lists like this over the year.

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